AudioCubes - A Unique Approach to MIDI Controllers

AudioCubes - A Unique Approach to MIDI Controllers

With the rise of the iPad it seems most new MIDI Controllers are virtual things designed to run on a tablet computer, but the trouble with this approach is that it's not really very inspiring for a live audience - particularly given that you could be standing there doing nothing while a pre-programed sequencer is really doing everything for you.

Not so with Percussa AudioCubes.

This inspired approach to live controllers not only has you directly involved in the music, but your audience can see that you're the one controlling the music, and not some app.

You can control up to 4 parameters of each virtual instrument you're using by moving your hands closer and further away from a cube.

By placing cubes next to each other you can turn loops or effects on and off.

The free software bundled with AudioCubes lets you control effects, send triggers, control AudioCubes colors, sync to MIDI clock in Ableton Live.

Rather than me telling you about them - the best way to get a feel for what they do is to watch the following videos:

For more information vist AudioCubes.

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