Capstan 1.1 update

Celemony updates their professional recording restoration software Capstan to version 1.1 with multiple track fixing and a new rental model.


Capstan is a software that can easily remove unwanted wow and flutter on old or damaged recordings, this update improves its efficiency and makes it accessible to home studio owners.


Capstan 1.1 is now capable of transferring correction of wow and flutter from a mono or stereo file, improving work efficiency when dealing with multi-track or multi-channel recordings. This new feature is seamlessly integrated into the Capstan interface and there is absolutely no limitation on the number of files that can be repaired in this way.

Celemony also decided to make Capstan more accessible by providing limited period iLok licenses. This means if you can't afford a full license, you can rent the software for 5 days at the price of US$/€ 199. Making it affordable for even small studios or hobbyists to work on restoring old audio - giving them the ability to remove the wow and flutter for a given 5 days.

Music has been recorded on mechanical storage for quite a long time, and the problem with these old mediums is that they affect the music when the hardware degrades. Mechanical degradation is usually caused by sticking tapes, faulty storage or simply aging devices. And so many old recordings are plagued with the familiar wobbling, warbling, droning and dragging sounds - which for the most part is considered irremediable - until Capstan came along.

Capstan is an intelligent musical agent with an algorithm that can recognize the minutest amounts of wow and flutter along with continuous speed variations within the musical material itself which you can then do detailed editing that extends even to drawing in the curve manually. It can restore music from tape, cassette, wax, shellac or vinyl - the medium is not important because it works on the musical material itself. It is based on the Patented DNA Direct Note Access technology made popular by Melodyne.

Here is Capstan in action:

More detailed information is available from Celemony.

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