Gobbler Sign-up and Referral Promos

Gobbler is progressing well and as a token of appreciation, Gobbler has a number of giveaways and discounts for both new members and referrers.


Gobbler is a full featured audio backup platform that is continually being developed. It is designed to meet the demands of professionals who need a quick and secure way to back up, store and share large audio files.


With Gobbler you can safely and quickly back up your valuable audio recordings and files. Gobbler uses lossless compression to speed up the transfers. The platform itself will also be the one to organize your audio files, giving you less clutter and more space for creativity. Finally Gobbler is compatible with the latest DAW and music production software, which means quick and easy backing up of your all important projects.

All this audio back up features would be useless if security is not assured, and thankfully security is an aspect that Gobbler takes very seriously, so you won't have to.

According to Gobbler, their beta community has been very helpful and has provided invaluable feedback, ideas, & bug fixes. Gobbler is getting better and faster and for this they want to give something back.

First thing to note is that Gobbler is giving away a free year of Gobbler service to anyone who signs up before December 7th. Aside from the free year of Gobbler, you also get to keep a 25GB of free space quota for the duration of the free Gobbler service. Note that the free space quota will drop to a regular 5GB from 25GB on December 7, so signing up early is indeed the best option.

As if the bonuses are not enough for you to sign up and invite your friends, Gobbler has promised to give prizes to the top referrers, including a $1000 cash prize to the person with the most referral until December 7th. To round it all up, Gobbler is also offering their services at discounted price rates.

So if you are working with large audio files, you might want to try out Gobbler's irresistible free offers, and do so before the offer expires.

For more information about Gobbler, head over to the blog section of Gobbler.com.

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