Search your MIDI drum loop collections for the rhythms you want

Groove Detective MIDI

Search your MIDI Drum Loop collections for the rhythms you want

Back in November we brought you news of Groove Detective and now CPU Productions have released a cut down version specifically for MIDI loop users, called Groove Detective MIDI.

All features and capabilities of the original that are not relevant to the analysis and retrieval of audio are retained in the MIDI version. This will allow users who are primarily MIDI-based to take full advantage of all the loop-search facilities of Groove Detective, but at a significantly lower cost. Additional MIDI facilities have been added to both versions to make it as MIDI user-friendly as possible.

With MIDI-only loops, the whole process of creating the search database will only take a few seconds, even with very large collections, so users will be able to quickly get up and running. A further advantage in using MIDI loops is that there is no ambiguity or possibility for analysis error as there can sometimes be with audio, so searches and results will be more accurate.

All future development for Groove Detective and its MIDI sibling will continue on the same track, so all enhancements and additions will be reflected equally in both versions.

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