The Alesis DM7 USB Drum Kit Now Shipping

Alesis DM7 USB Drum Kit

Last month we told you about the DM6 USB Express Kit, and now the bigger DM7 USB Kit is shipping after debuting at the PASIC show in Indianapolis last weekend.

Drummers will immediately appreciate the DM7 USB Kit’s large snare pad, which has three zones, enabling head, rimshot and cross-stick triggering.

The heart of the DM7 USB Kit is its DM7 sound module. The DM7 provides a library of more than 400 drum, cymbal and percussion instruments in 80 kits.

You can play the 50 preset kits for extensive sonic flexibility, and custom-create 30 of your own.

Drummers will also like the DM7’s intuitive, easy-to-use controls adjusting instruments’ pitch, panning and reverb level.

The DM7 drum module provides drummers with valuable tools such as practice exercises, a metronome, 52 play-along songs and a 1/4-inch mix input for playing along with external music sources.

You can connect the DM7 USB Kit to your Mac or PC using the standard USB connection and the EZ Drummer Lite software from Toontracks which is included.

The DM7 USB Kit also works with virtually all MIDI software including virtual sound modules (VSTs), as well as recording, sequencing and programming applications.

This means the sound palette can be further expanded by connecting it to any MIDI sound module or other MIDI-compliant sound source.

It also has a preassembled four-post rack, which provides the set’s solid, balanced foundation and sets up in just minutes.

Its 1 1/2-inch tubing is rugged of industry standard diameter for compatibility with a vast world of rack components, and has large wingbolts on all clamps for easy adjustment without needing a drumkey or other tools.

The DM7 USB Kit is available now from musical instrument and pro audio retailers. It has a U.S. Retail Price of $799.00 and an estimated street price of $599.00.

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