Kaces KCP-45 Drum Rug

Kaces announces the availability of the new KCP-45 Crash Pad Jr. Drum Rug, a portable and affordable rug for small to medium sized drum kits.

Kaces KCP-45 Drum Rug

The KCP-45 is labeled as Kaces Economy Drum Rug, giving you a rug that is specifically designed for drums without the added cost.

Drummers who play on various venues understand the importance of a non-slip drum rug. An ordinary rug will not survive the constant set-ups and tear-downs of road use, not to mention the abuse of playing drums and all the kinds of drinks and trash that fall come along with it.

To solve this dilemma, Kaces has designed a durable rug that is compact and easy to setup, and cheap.

To ensure durability, the KCP-45 Drum Rug is produced using heavy-duty black polypropylene fabric. This makes it sturdy enough for regular use on the road.

As expected, the rug features a non-slip top surface that securely holds your drum set and your drum throne in place. The bottom part of the pad also has a reliable grip on the floor, ensuring that you and your instrument stays in its place as you perform.

Another feature of this drum rug is its weighted corners, which works with the non-slip bottom area for a worry-free performance on various types of floors.

Bulky rugs can be a drag, especially if you have to carry it every night, and so Kaces designed the KCP-45 to have a compact dimension of 4 x 5 feet. This makes it big enough for use with small to mid-size acoustic and electronic drum kits, while still compact enough for quick storage and setups.

The Kaces KCP-45 Drum Rug has an MSRP of $59.95. For more information and to check out their various drum rugs, you can visit Kaces.

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