Ableton Live 9.5 Update

Ableton releases Live version 9.5, a free update to existing users that adds more features, more sounds and samples and improved interface.

Ableton Live 9.5

The most notable feature that this update brings is the overhauled "Simpler", which is Live's intuitive and powerful sampling instrument. This is big news for Live users because this is the feature that gets the most use, be it when producing music in the studio or when performing live electronic music. Simpler now has a new interface which makes capturing, loading and playing samples more efficient and convenient.

Also improved are the warping and slicing functions of the popular music production software. You can slice samples across the keyboard, and you can play them as is or warp them to match the tempo of your song. This simplifies the sample selection process and removes timing limitations, since you can easily warp the samples to the preferred size to match your music.

To give you more control over your samples, this update improves the display of waveforms. Now you see more detail and you can zoom and scroll smoothly, allowing for precision editing and adjustments for each sample or track. A new automatic coloring scheme has also been implemented to help keep your Sets organized. Each new clip you create will take on their track's color, making it easy to recognize and utilize each clip.

Another important update that v9.5 brings is the improved metering system. Now the meters show both peak and RMS, to let you know of sudden level changes along with perceived loudness. This seemingly minor change helps users take better control of the dynamics of both individual tracks and more importantly your overall mix.

In addition to the above mentioned updates, Live 9.5 also introduces new and additional features that include analog-modeled filters and new samples/sounds. The analog-modeled filters are modeled after classic vintage hardware, mimicking the way they self-resonate, feedback, and distort. Designed in conjunction with Cytomic, these filters are included in Simpler, Sampler, Operator, and Auto Filter. Ableton Live's sound library is now expanded to make music production even quicker, included in the new library are new drum kits, presets that use the new analog-modeled filters, various other one shots and new audio clips.

Other features include three new synthesizers from the new Max Essentials Pack, with flexible sound design capabilities, and improved syncing with the Link feature. Link is an interesting technology that keeps multiple devices in time within a wireless network, allowing for real-time jamming with multiple instances of Live and other apps.

The 9.5 update is free for existing Live users. For more information, you can visit Ableton Live.

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