Tracktion T7

Tracktion unveils the latest version of their flagship DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) software, the Tracktion T7, with improved interface and productivity tools.

Tracktion T7

With a starting price of only $60 for a new license, the new Tracktion T7 packs quite a lot of features per dollar, and is remarkably affordable compared to other big brand music production software.

Julian Storer released the first version of Tracktion back in 2002, showcasing a distinct and more streamlined approach to music production. It became known for its easy-to-use single-screen interface that lets you record and mix music on your computer with minimal distractions and hassles while retaining advanced features like multi-track recording, MIDI programming, mixing, VST support and Rewire compatibility.

Now more than a decade later, Tracktion development continued with latest version being the new T7, now with an even more streamlined interface and more efficient work flow.

Lead Developer Dave Rowland said, "With T7, we’ve taken the Tracktion paradigm a lot further. In addition to a great looking, more dynamic user interface, there are a lot of practical improvements designed to boost productivity. However, I’m most excited about the new tools for manipulating clips and plugins. With unique features like these, T7 will take users in new directions."

The new Tracktion T7 has a new and improved single screen interface which they call as "Blue Steel", designed to accommodate the ever improving features set of the DAW. The screen was made to be more dynamic, with more visual depth, coordinated color palette, and with enough animation to make music editing, mixing and production more efficient.

Another notable new feature is their patent pending, "Clip Layer Effects", which allows for more control over sound design at the clip level. This means that you can stack multiple effects and processing on a per clip basis, instead of applying plug-ins to an entire track.

There's also the Multi-Browser Sync which provides the ability to preview many files together from multiple browsers, in sync with the edit. A new visual selector is developed for faster sorting of plugins while the new LFO Generators allow for quick plugin parameter modulation. The marketplace feature is also improved to make it easier to shop for virtual instruments.

Check out the official overview video of the new Tracktion T7:

For more information and other details on the new Tracktion T7, visit Tracktion.

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