Ableton University Tour

Ableton launches Ableton University Tour, a series of free music production educational events at universities around the world.

Ableton University Tour

The star of this tour is no less than their flagship DAW software and hardware controller, Ableton Live 9 and Push, both of which will be showcased by artists and trainers.

Scheduled throughout April and May, the Ableton University Tour is set to visit dozens of schools around the world. They will be targeting potential Live users that include music students, or enthusiasts that make music in-between classes.

Ableton Certified Trainers and artists will facilitate fun and informative demonstrations at each event. All the activities were chosen to inspire more people to get into music production, providing up-close and hands-on experience with Ableton Live 9 and Push.

Although students are prioritized, the presentations are also open to faculty and staff. Even the general public are encouraged to join at certain universities that will hold public Ableton events.

There are currently 8 countries that will be visited by the Ableton University Tour, including the United States, Mexico, Netherlands, Luxembourg, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany and Austria. The tour is scheduled at multiple universities found within the 8 locations mentioned, with some of them featuring public events on top of the student only break-out sessions.

The Ableton University Tour follows up on their general support for students and education. They've been offering special discounts for teachers and students that give up to 40% savings. Educational institutions that purchase licenses for five or more computers also get additional multi-license discounts of up to 25% off.

The brand summarizes: "Ableton Live software is already used extensively in music composition, production, and performance training at hundreds of educational institutions around the world. Because of its flexibility, comprehensive feature set, and clear interface, it is used to teach everything from the basic fundamentals of music all the way to advanced multi-disciplinary artistic practice. And with Max/MSP integration via Max for Live, Ableton Live becomes a truly customizable creative laboratory, supremely configurable to the requirements of students and teachers."

Check out the Ableton University Tour schedule and other details at their website.

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