Amadeus UDX Loudspeaker Series

After 20 years of absence, Amadeus Audio brings back the updated version of its UDX passive loudspeakers.

UDX Loudspeaker

The new Amadeus UDX loudspeakers build on the original UDX, which were introduced in 1980 and went in production for 12 years.

Just like the original, these new speakers come with passive circuitry and can be used both in front of house full range or floor monitor configurations.

The 2013 UDX Loudspeakers come with four bass reflex loudspeaker sizes (8", 10", 12" and 15") to cover various venue sizes and audio applications. The 8" and 10" model come with coaxial 1" tweeters, while the bigger 12" and 15" model feature 2" tweeters.

The UDX 8 handles a 250W AES (700W peak) power and has a frequency response from 65Hz to 20kHz. The impedance is 8 Ohms, the sensitivity is 96dB and the max SPL is 123dB. The crossover frequency is 1.6kHz.

The slightly bigger UDX 10 has an AES handled power of 200W (560W peak) and has an impedance of 8 Ohms. The frequency response is between 65Hz and 20kHz, with a 97dB sensitivity and a 125dB max SPL. The crossover frequency is 1.8kHz.

With the UDX 12, you have more power up to 350W (AES, 980W peak) at 8 Ohms. The bandwidth is also extended from 50Hz to 20kHz, with a sensitivity of 99dB and max SPL of 129dB. The crossover frequency is 1.2kHz.

The biggest speaker of the bunch is the UDX 15, it can handle a power of 500W AES (1400W peak) at 8 Ohms. The bandwidth is 50Hz - 20kHz, sensitivity is 100dB and max SPL is 131dB. Crossover frequency is set to 1kHz.

At the core of each UDX loudspeaker is a coaxial neodymium transducer, designed to provide uniform angular coverage and high volume, while reducing distortion and coloration. All four speakers feature multiple M8 insert points for convenient positioning including pole mounting (35mm) or wall or ceiling mounting using König & Meyer accessories. SpeakON NL4 connectors were used on these models.

Aside from varying sizes, UDX speakers come in over thirty standard color combinations for both the cabinet and cloth grill. You can order the speakers in a made to measure finish, based on registered or non-registered colors and/or materials. Giving it a modern twist, the speakers feature digital active filters which you can configure to match various needs and applications. You can also manufacturer created presets that cover conventional configurations including standalone, floor loading compensation, stage monitor and many others.

The new Amadeus UDX Series speakers are currently priced at €1090 to €1990. For more information, you can head over to Amadeus Audio.

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