Steinberg Cubase 8 Updated

Steinberg released a maintenance update for the 8th version of their popular music production software - Cubase.

Cubase 8

This update fixes various issues regarding the new window handling on PC Windows systems and also addresses other known and reported bugs. It ups the version number to 8.05.

The company just recently updated Cubase to version 8 and announced the availability of two different iterations, Cubase Pro 8 and Cubase Artist 8, for them to cover a wider a price range. So as expected, some bugs may still need to be quashed within a few weeks of the initial release, and that is just what the company did.

Regarding Cubase 8, the company said that the DAW software had its entire audio engine rebuilt, resulting in improved audio processing performance. This allows Cubase to handle CPU heavy tasks better including multi-timbral and disk-streaming instrument tracks.

An notable new feature of Cubase 8 is the implementation of VCA faders with improved automation. According to the company, "The all-new VCA faders emulate the control of channel gain with DC voltage, moving an entire fader group through a single master fader. Taking it a step further is the Combine VCA fader automation feature, which combines the VCA fader automation curve with that of a controlled fader or fader groups. Another addition to automation tools is virgin territories, omitting redundant automation data between automated events."

As expected from major updates, the user interface was enhanced to include window docking for the VST Instrument Rack and MediaBay. There is also a redesigned Track List and Inspector that is easier to read and control. Other new features include global workspaces and a flexible window layout for Windows users. Finally, a new plug-in manager is now used that allow for easy sonic sculpting.

To help boost your creativity, Steinberg added Chord Assistant modes, Chord pads and MIDI tempo detection to both Cubase Artist 8 and Cubase Pro8. It builds on the chord track feature of Cubae 7, now letting you trigger chords and change voicing via MIDI parameters. The new Chord Assistant will give you smart chord suggestions that are related to the reference chord that via harmonic analysis following the circle of fifths. The nifty new MIDI tempo detection feature will simplify the syncing of MIDI tracks, as it will automatically align MIDI tracks with grid and tempo.

Both the Pro and Artist versions come with improved and more efficient workflow, thanks to its render in-place capability, allowing users to bounce MIDI and audio parts via the wide array off bounce settings. New effects and instruments are also introduced via the VST Bass Amp, featuring a collection of amplifier and cabinets for bass. Modeled effects are also available including the Multiband Envelope Shaper, Multiband Expander, and the Quadrafuzz v2 distortion processor. Existing effects like the Multiband Compressor and DeEsser were also improved, along with the built-in tuner. Even the Groove Agent SE4 drum instrument is expanded, now featuring an acoustic drum Kit called Acoustic Agent, that comes with 20 drum patterns. All in all, it carries 73 high-end audio and 18 MIDI VST effect processors.

Various other enhancements were introduced to improve its mixing capabilities. This is also where the Cubase Pro 8 gets more features, including a new direct routing section and wave meters feature display just to name a few. Check out the official video demo:

Marketing Director for SteinberG, Frank Simmerlein, said, "Releasing Cubase Pro 8 and Cubase Artist 8 rounds off a very successful year in the long history of our company. Not only can we proudly look back on 25 years of Cubase, we have also been celebrating Steinberg's 30th birthday. Both our long-term experience and expertise are now condensed into Cubase Pro 8, the most cutting-edge digital audio workstation today."

For more information and other details, head over to Steinberg.

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