Gemini G2V and G4V DJ Controllers

Two new DJ controllers optimized for the Virtual DJ software are now available from Gemini - the G2V and G4V.

Gemini G4V

These new USB/MIDI controllers were unveiled earlier this year, and are now available for purchase. Both DJ controllers come with two jog wheels, an array of knobs, sliders and buttons, large performance pads, and a built-in 24-bit audio interface that is compatible with both Mac and Windows. The controllers are both housed inside a tank-tough full metal enclosure.

The Gemini G2V comes with the typical DJ setup, featuring two full featured DJ decks that control two independent channels. The controls are laid out in such a way that is easy to visualize and easy to adjust. Its touch-sensitive jog wheel is designed to respond to the slightest movements, and give you detailed control over your tracks and when applying scratching techniques. LED level indicators and backlit pads complete its intuitive interface.

The DJ tools that you can assign to this controller include key-lock, cue, pitch fader and other sampling controls. It also gives you quick access to important parameters like EQ, Gain and filter controls. When used with Virtual DJ software, you also get the benefit of pre-mapped FX controls that allows for quick and easy setups. Gigging DJs will appreciate the I/O connectivity options provided: a balanced XLR master output, master and booth RCA outputs, and microphone and auxiliary inputs.

Gemini G2V

The Gemini G4V follows the same design formula, only it gives you more channels to control. Up to 4 virtual software decks are available, with each deck giving you independent controls over each of the four channels it can carry. Aside from its four virtual decks, the G4V behaves much like the G2V, even carrying the same built-in audio interface and control sets.

The Gemini G2V is currently retailing for 299.95€, while the Gemini G4V is priced at 399.95€. For the complete specifications and for more details, visit Gemini Sound

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