iKlip Stage from IK Multimedia

IK Multimedia releases the iKlip Stage, a free score management and page turning app for the iPad.

iKlip Stage

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This app will let you organize your music scores, tabs, lyrics and more right on your iPad. It is designed to complement the the company's iKlip range of tablet holders and mounts which include the iKlip Studio, iKlip Stand, iKlip 2 and iKlip Xpand.


When paired with iKlip tablet holders, this app will turn your iPad into an intuitive sheet music stand that can be used while performing on stage, recording in the studio or while practicing at home.

Since the focus is organization, the interface of the new iKlip Stage app is kept as straightforward as possible. The app's two-page "File and List" system lets you easily import score files and arrange them into setlists that match your performance, recording or practice regimen.

A wide range of sheet music and image file formats are supported, including PDF, TXT, RTF, PNG, JPG, BMP and TIFF. While browsing the files that you want to load, the app lets you peek at each one via the thumbnail-sized previews. Once you know the files that you want, all you have to do is to drag and drop them according to your preferred arrangement. The free version of iKlip Stage will let you create 2 setlists and import up to 30 files. More setlists and file import is available via in-app purchase or when you register iKlip holder hardware.

Once you have loaded your set lit, the app will then show the files in your list in portrait or landscape orientations, depending on your preference. Turning the pages is as easy as swiping left or right, allowing you to move forward or go back to a previous page. Other alternative ways of changing the pages are available, most useful of which is pairing your iPad with IK Multimidia's iRig BlueBoard so you can turn the pages with your feet via the pedal switches. You can also utilize iRing for touchless gesture based control over the pages. Simply wave your hand left or right in front of your iPad's camera to turn the pages.

iKlip Stage is freely downloadable via the iTunes App store. You can register an iKlip holder within the app so you can import 60 more files and 4 more setlists. If you are looking for unlimited setlists and file imports, you will have to shell out a one-time in-app purchase of $9.99.

For more information and other details, head over to IK Multimedia.

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