iRig Keys Pro

IK Multimedia expands their line of MIDI keyboard controllers yet again with the new iRig Keys Pro, featuring 37 full-size keys.

iRig Keys Pro

The 37 velocity sensitive keys add up to a total of 3 full octaves and one note, ideal for pianists that prefer two-handed playing.

This MIDI controller features plug-and-play multiple operating system compatibility, it works with the iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Mac and PC.


Although it now has bigger full-size keys, the iRig Keys Pro retains portability as its core design factor. It is said to be 30% smaller when compared to other full-size key MIDI controllers with the same number of keys.

Essential controls where not compromised to achieve its compact size. The unit's sensitive keys are matched by the mod and pitch wheels, resulting in expressive control over your playing. Other control buttons are provided including the illuminated octave and program buttons, 4 programmable "sets" for saving your presets and a programmable volume knob. An expression jack is also provided for plugging in an optional sustain pedal for improved piano like playing, or you can connect it to an expression pedal for real time control over volume, vibrato, rotary speaker speed and many more.

Although it works fine plug and play, the iRig Keys Pro controller is customizable. When in Edit mode, you can set the velocity response to your preference, you can tweak the MIDI transmit channel, and you can assign control change numbers to the volume/data knob. You can also transpose the keyboard in semi-tones, send custom program change messages and many more.

The program buttons allow for useful program changes during live performances. You have 4 banks to store your different setups that you can quickly load in case you need to change settings on the stage or while recording.

For quick connectivity, IK Multimedia bundles this MIDI controller with lightning connector and 30-pin cables. This means that you don't need to purchase any cable or adapter when you connect it to your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. A USB cable is also provided for directly connecting to a PC or Mac, this means that you can use it with your favorite DAWs.

This hardware features Core MIDI Support, allowing it to quickly interface with compatible virtual instrument and recording apps on your iOS device. iRig Keys Pro erives its power from the device it is connected to, but you can power it up separately via the auxiliary mini-USB port which is also provided.

Like most MIDI controllers, iRig Keys Pro come with a free bundled software, IK Multimedia's Sampletank Free, which offer various types of sounds on-top of the piano sounds that work well with the keyboard's full-size keys.

iRig Keys Pro is expected to sell for $149.99 and is now available. You can visit IK Multimedia for more information.

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