Nektar Impact LX49

Nektar introduces an affordable and versatile USB MIDI Keyboard controller with pre-mapped controls for most DAWs, the Nektar Impact LX49.

Nektar Impact LX49

Instead of specializing with a specific DAW like their popular Panorama series of keyboards, the new Impact LX49 is designed to be a generic MIDI controller that works well with most DAWs.


This compact MIDI Keyboard provides intelligent MIDI mapping for all the most commonly used DAWs including Nuendo, Cubase, Reason, Sonar, Garageband, Reaper and many more. This pre-mapping makes the Impact LX49 easier to setup and use across various operating system and DAW formats.

To accommodate various styles of playing, this MIDI keyboard comes with 4 keyboard velocity curve options, which you can apply to all its 49 full-size keys. The keys are all velocity sensitive, and when paired with pitch bend and modulation wheels, allow more dynamic playing.

The unit also comes with 8 velocity-sensitive trigger pads which you can use to trigger samples or create percussive sounds. It can also be used as MIDI buttons in case you need more. A nifty pad learn function makes the pad easier to program, and you have four slots for saving your pad settings.

This new MIDI keyboard controller employs the same technology as the Panorama, featuring multiple control modes that include instrument, mixer and preset. In preset mode, you can save up to 5 of your custom presets, thanks to its built-in memory.

The Nektar Impact LX49 is expected to be available in the 3rd quarter of 2013, with a retail price of $159.99. More information will soon be available at Nektar Tech.

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