PreSonus Studio One v3

It took them three long years, but PreSonus has finally launched the third iteration of their popular DAW software, called Studio One 3.

PreSonus Studio One v3

This new version introduces a new high-dpi multi-touch user interface and some noteworthy extras that make the software useful for songwriters, including unique sound-design capabilities, arranging tools and other tools that will help you write songs faster and save your ideas better.

Studio One 3 does not stray too far from the ergonomic and feature packed design of the previous version, rather it builds up on the user favorite features by adding most requested ones that the company hope to make the process of music production simpler and easier.

PreSonus has given Studio One v3 a fresh and modern look optimized to work well with the latest multi-touch screen controls. This new GUI applies to both Mac OS X and Windows 8 users, allowing you to have improved control over your projects and better visuals as long as you have a suitable multi-touch display. By simply touching the UI, you can control your mix, arrangement, effect settings and many more.

The company says, "Studio One 3 gives you the flexibility to customize the look to your taste or for different work environments. We also wanted you to enjoy Studio One no matter where you used it, from a small notebook to a 5K or Retina Mac or PC display, including multi-monitor setups. Studio One delivers thanks to its new high-dpi graphics, which takes advantage of a new Direct-2D graphics engine on Windows."

You can even work on your music remotely by utilizing the upcoming Studio One Remote app for the iPad. This will let you tweak and change settings without having to be tied to your studio desk, and it complements the touch-screen friendly interface of the DAW software.

Version 3 introduces "Scratch Pads" to the song page, a simple workflow enhancing tool that will let you experiment on new ideas without totally changing your project. You can use it to try various plug-ins and effects on tracks, or you can even create alternative versions of an entire song be it radio edits, remixes, and more. You can also use it to quickly capture ideas for future use.

Another interesting addition to Studio One is the Arranger Track, designed to simplify “pattern-style” arrangements in a timeline-based sequencer/DAW. This will let you quickly and intuitively rearrange tracks, songs and even large projects by simply dragging and dropping sections. Together with Scratch Pads, this feature makes the Studio One an ideal tool for improvisation and for brainstorming song ideas.

Other new features of Studio One 3 includes Note FX (MIDI plug-in like effects), Step Recorder (for beat and track programming), Updated Presence XT sampler with new instrument engine, 15GB of sample sounds, Mai Tai polyphonic analog modeling synthesizer, Cloud tab for easy access to online sound content, new Bitcrusher plug-in, new Loops tab, new Leslie cabinet emulator Rotor plug-in, improved Automation curve, and updated Console with new Extended FX Chains.

This new update is now being offered to existing owners of previous versions, below is the pricing scheme:

  • Studio One Artist 1 to Artist 3: $49
  • Studio One Artist 1 to Professional 3: $349
  • Studio One Producer 2 to Professional 3: $199
  • Studio One Professional 1 or 2 to Professional 3: $149
  • Studio One Artist 3 to Professional 3: $299
  • Notion 5 to Studio One Professional 3 crossgrade: $249
  • Any other full DAW to Studio One Professional 3 upgrade: $299

Finally, a free version called Studio One Prime is expected to be launched this month. This is a free, feature-limited version which will let you have a better idea of what the full-featured version can do. You can also go for the 30-day Studio One Professional demo which lets you try all of the program's powerful editing and mastering features, including the entire suite of Native Effects plug-ins. The company is confident that after the 30-day trial, you'll be eager to switch permanently to Studio One.

For more information on the new PreSonus Studio One v3 and other details, head over to PreSonus.

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