Pro Tools v12.5 Update

Avid updated Pro Tools to version 12.5, introducing enhancements and new features, most notable of which is the implementation of Avid Cloud Collaboration.

Pro Tools v12.5

This new update is available for qualified users of Pro Tools 12, and is downloadable for both Mac OS X and Windows operating systems. Both the standard Pro Tools version and Pro Tools HD are affected by this update and the company recommends the update to all existing licensed users.

The most notable addition to Pro Tools 12.5 is the new Avid Cloud Collaboration feature, which is essentially an online sharing and collaboration platform which is now built into the music production software itself. Cloud sharing is not a new concept, in fact it has already been put to good use by other digital audio workstation software for quite some time, so it is interesting to know why Avid took this long before going the online collaboration route. To some, it seems a bit unbecoming for a company that's known for its innovative and industry trend setting releases.

Unfortunately, they did not mention why they had to wait for long before implementing online collaboration, but they did mention that this new collaborative workflow was developed in conjunction with the Artist Community, an online group that foster creative connections professional opportunities.

Avid VP and Chief Product Officer Dana Ruzicka said, "Pro Tools 12.5 confirms Avid's commitment to delivering powerful workflows that connect artists, media professionals, and their work in a much more collaborative, efficient way so they can focus on creating their best work. Avid Cloud Collaboration for Pro Tools will radically change the way people make music, and open up unprecedented new creative possibilities. We're excited to give customers the opportunity to experience this groundbreaking innovation."

While there are other cloud storage and sharing platforms available, the new Avid Cloud Collaboration makes everything easier. Instead of having to manually sort, open, copy and paste files, Pro Tools itself will synchronize revisions and files in Pro Tools automatically. Which makes not only collaboration easier, but also simplifies back up and file management work.

Another plus that this new online sharing platform brings is the ability to get inspiration and actual musical help from your peers and other musicians. The company said that the workflow and efficiency that Avid Cloud Collaboration brings will make you feel that your friend and musician peers are actually there beside you working on your track. They can make edits, record, compose and mix tracks as if you were working together in one place. Also, you can chat with them much like you would using a video call, and all of these are done conveniently within Pro Tools itself.

In addition to the new Avid Cloud Collaboration, Pro Tools 12.5 also comes with other new or improved features. First of which is the ability to export Timecode with QuickTime Bounce. The Pro Tools Avid Interplay feature is enhanced using XDCAM MXF media now with send to playback. There are also general stability improvements introduced in the AVE (Avid Video Engine) section of the software.

Here are the notable features of the new Pro Tools version 12.5 Update:

  • Create cloud-based projects and invite others to collaborate.
  • Work on projects with others in real-time or offline.
  • Share audio and MIDI tracks, edits, mix changes, automation, and more.
  • Communicate with collaborators through text chat.
  • Minimize cloud storage up to 70% and accelerate transfers using lossless compression.
  • Collaborate with up to 2 additional Pro Tools users (per project).

As expected, the new cloud sharing service is not entirely free, there are currently three different types of subscription, the free version, the $9.99/month one, and the $24.99/month subscription. The basic idea is you get more storage space and more cloud based projects to work on as you pay more. Avid provided a breakdown of the three subscription plans:

Avid Cloud Collaboration - Free (included with Pro Tools 12.5)

  • Create up to 3 cloud-based projects.
  • Get 500 MB of total storage space.

Avid Cloud Collaboration - $9.99/month

  • Create up to 5 cloud-based projects.
  • Get 20 GB of total storage space.

Avid Cloud Collaboration - $24.99/month

  • Create up to 10 cloud-based projects.
  • Get 60 GB of total storage space.

For more information on the new update and the complete list of bugfixes and improvements within Pro Tools 12 itself, you can visit Avid.

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