Reactable Live! S4

The new Reactable Live! S4 is a unique synth that lets you create sound and music through a touch screen table.

Reactable Live! S4

Its unique touch and object based interface frees you from traditional "boxed" way of looking at music, it presents you with a unique way of performing live, writing songs or even handle music production.

This Reactable Live! S4 comes in the form of a round translucent table with a backlit display. You control your music by placing and moving the blocks called “tangibles” on the table.

The visual display on the table responds to the movements and converts it into control data for creating music. You can also use your fingertips as the interface to operate the S4's virtual modular synthesizer - letting you creating music and sound effects in a unique manner.

Here are the announced features of the new Reactable Live! S4:

  • The S4 has a lighter table structure that is can be quickly assembled
  • The Reactable Core now feature components that are more robust, reliable and lighter
  • It comes with a new software that feature Timestretching and Pitchshifting
  • New puck set with heavy duty anti abrasive coating
Reactable Live! S4

This new synth follows the same intuitive philosophy behind the previous Reactable Live! hardware. It utilizes human-computer interaction without any text lists or config menus, and lets you create music by simply moving your hands. The design is inspired by modular analogue synthesizers, like those created by Bob Moog, but presents it with a modern and fresh interface.

Here is the Reactable Live! S4 in action:

Reactable Live! S4 will only be available in limited quantities and is expected to have a tag price of $7,900.

For more information, you can visit Reactable.

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