Propellerhead Updates Reason, Take and Figure

Propellerhead just released an update for their popular music production software Reason, along with updates to their OS music apps: Take and Figure.

Reason 8.2

Reason v8.2

Reason continues to be the company's flagship software offering, and as such it gets a lot of update and fixes. The latest version of this Windows based digital audio workstation (DAW) is now v8.2, and it brings with it improvements that were requested by many users.

The most noteworthy improvement that this update brings is easier, automatic and less bulky future updates. This means that Reason will now stay up to date without having to worry about manually looking for the latest updates, you also won't have to do the cumbersome task of downloading and installing big files. To achieve this, the company added an automatic update system that allows Reason to detect and download the most recent software updates when connected to the internet.

Reason 8.2 also bring in workflow improvements, specifically to patch browsing via the new Revert browsing feature, something that was implemented in previous versions of the software. Complementing the patch browsing improvements, the Propellerhead streamlined the sound bank handling of the software. Other new features include added track/clip/channel colors in the sequencer for better visual cues and expanded remote support for Redrum Drum Machine. As expected Reason v8.2 will also come with various bug fixes and other minor improvements.

Reason 8.2


The most important change that the new Figure v1.7.3 app brings is it's price tag or rather the lack of it. This quick and easy to use beat creator app is now free to download for all iOS devices. Propellerhead also improved compatibility with Take by allowing the tonality to be brought over, with this you can now make a beat in Figure, open it in Take, and Take will figure out the key of your song. This simplifies music production even more and provides better results for Voice Tune.


Take is a cool free recording app that lets you pick a beat and sing over them, and now with the Take 2.0 update, your recorded voice will never go out of tune - thanks to the "Voice Tune" feature. For an free iOS app, this realtime pitch correction feature is quite impressive and quite fun to play with, you can go from subtle pitch corrections to modern robo - R'n'B vocals! Other improvements include the ability to clean, distort or color your recordings with effects on each channel, a final mix feature with mastering presets, and transposable backing tracks.

For more information on the updated Reason, Take and Figure apps - head over to Propellerhead.

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