Sony Sound Forge Pro Mac

Sony makes their Sound Forge Pro audio recording and editing software available for Mac OS X users.

Sony Sound Forge Pro Mac

Sound Forge Pro is a multichannel audio editing and recording application that comes with useful audio mastering and repair plugins. It is designed to provide audio editors and producers detailed control over all aspects of audio editing and mastering. Now Sony is bringing this flexible software into the Mac OS X arena.

According to Sony, instead of simply porting the software for Mac compatibility, it was developed from the ground up on a clean slate for OS X. This results in an interface that melds well with Mac, providing improved audio editing experience.

Dave Chaimson, vice president of global marketing for Sony Creative Software, said: "People who work on audio editing platforms recognize the need for a fresh option in the marketplace, one that's built for OS X as opposed to something that's simply been ported over. In addition, it's no secret that cross-platform professionals have been demanding Sound Forge for the Mac for years. Our response is Sound Forge Pro Mac, a truly contemporary OS X design. Producers will appreciate its simple elegance, uncluttered look and amazing flexibility. The included suite of mastering and repair plug-ins makes this 1.0 edition a value-packed editing powerhouse right out of the box. Sound Forge Pro Mac is our second major OS X application release this year, and we're pleased to now be very actively engaged in application development for the Mac platform."

Because of the unique way in which the software was developed, it gives you an editing friendly interface. It gives you access to dedicated viewing panels that enhance workflow experience when recording, editing, applying plug-in processing, monitoring and even for simple content browsing. It lets you easily toggle between features so you can see what you need and it also carries Sound Forge's event-based editing for timeline audio sequencing.

Aside from its Mac friendly interface and workflow, this software provides the same high fidelity recording capability as the Windows version. It also comes with essential tools for mastering, repair and restore. It also comes with effects and audio processing plugins that help with recording, editing and mastering.

Other features:

  • High-fidelity 64-bit /192 kHz maximum resolution
  • Record up to 32 simultaneous channels
  • New Plug-in Chainer simplifies sophisticated processing tasks
  • Produce broadcast-ready audio master files
  • Apply plug-in parameter envelopes for precision mastering
  • Full range of native processes
  • Professional signal and effects processing
  • Includes iZotope Mastering Effects Bundle with six audio mastering plug-ins: EQ, Multiband Compressor, Exciter, Imager, Limiter and Reverb
  • Zplane elastique Pro time-stretching and pitch-shifting plug-in
  • An iZotope exclusive for Sound Forge Pro Mac software
  • iZotope 64-bit SRC (sample rate conversion) and MBIT+ dither (bit depth conversion)
  • Restore and Repair Tools
  • Supports AU and VST plug-ins for both offline and non-destructive processing
  • Now with Declicker: automatically identify and remove clicks and pops
  • Built-in Denoiser: eliminate unwanted noise with noiseprint-based noise reduction
  • Declipper feature: reconstruct peaks damaged by clipping

Sound Forge Pro Mac is expected to be released within September of 2012. The current MSRP is at $299. You can get more details from Sony Creative Software.

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