Steinberg UR44 Audio Interface

Steinberg introduces the UR44, an upcoming 6 x 4 USB 2.0 audio interface with four Class-A D-PRE mic preamps and iPad compatibility.

Steinberg UR44

The UR44 is the big brother of the UR22, sporting more channels - six inputs and four output channels and MIDI ports.

According to Steinberg, this audio interface is designed suit a huge range of recording and production situations that require more I/O capabilities, while retaining a compact and rugged form factor.

The front panel houses four Neutrik analog combo inputs with peak LEDs and switchable +48 V phantom power. These will let you connect electric guitars, line-level instruments and various types of microphones. Each input features Yamaha's Class-A D-PRE mic preamps that is said to deliver transparent and detailed sound.

For added flexibility, two of the front inputs feature Switchable Hi-Z that removes the need for additional DI boxes when connecting an electric guitar or bass. Two additional line inputs are provided at the back giving you a total of 6 input channels that is enough to handle various recording situations, be it live or in the studio.

Steinberg guarantees latency free monitoring, thanks to the unit's four output ports. The UR44 also features DSP-powered FX for adding compression, reverb, EQ and guitar amp simulation on the headphone mix while recording. MIDI in and out allow for connecting MIDI keyboards, pads and other controllers, expanding your musical options as you record.

Like all modern audio interfaces, the UR44 is compatible with all major DAW software, including ASIO, WDM standard and even Core Audio. The USB connection of this interface easily connects to a PC or Mac, and comes with the added bonus of connecting with the iPad (via the Apple Camera Connection Kit) for convenient mobile recording.

This hardware is bundled with Cubase AI 7, a compact version of the popular music production software. It offers basic tools for recording, editing, and mixing so you can start making music right out of the box.

For long-term reliable use, all the components are safely stored inside a rugged full-metal housing. The UR44 is expected to start shipping in January 2014, with a price tag of around $470. For the complete specifications, you can visit Steinberg.

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