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Recording more than one sound source? You'll find software to simultaneously record everyone in your band or simply allow you to lay down your tracks and then mix them together. Multitrack software is used for recording, so look in the Production Suite category if you want built-in synthesizers and drum machines with your recording suite.

Many hardware multitrack recorders come bundled with a free DAW and operate as a DAW controller as well as an audio interface - see this guide: The Best Multitrack Recorders for more information and for a complete roundup of all the recording hardware you may need see this Extensive Home Recording Studio Equipment List.



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Softwaresort iconDescriptionOSLicenseFile DateCommentsPower
Ecasound v2.9.1

Multitrack audio processing tool.

Fat Rock Studio v0.8

Multi-tack digital audio recorder.

iKlax Player v3.1

Plays multi-track iKlax audio format files.

KRISTAL Audio Engine v1.0.1

Multitrack recorder, audio sequencer and mixer.

Nama v1.107

Multitrack recording, non-destructive editing, mixing and mastering using the Ecasound audio engine.

Quartz AudioMaster Freeware v4.6

Real-time multi-track recorder and MIDI sequencer.

Tkeca v4.4.3

Tcl/Tk front end for Ecasound

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