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Drums - Percussion - Tools for playing drums, creating beats and editing rhythms. You'll find drum synthesizers, MIDI drum tools, learning aids, drum machines and specialized drum loop software in this category. If you're looking for hardware then check out our roundups of cheap Electronic Drums and Drum Machines.



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Uloops Studio v3.5.0

Maketracks using three concepts: Song, Loop and Devices (including Synthesizers, Drum Machines, Modulators and Recorders).

DrumKit 6.3

Multi-touch virtual collection of drums and cymbals that allows you to play them on your Android device

Drums for Practice 2.03

Drums for Practice is an Android App that plays drum loops that you can use for practice.

Tub Thumper v0.44

Drum machine that allows you to drum along to your favourite songs.

Drum Session v1.3

Fun Multitouch drum kit

Loops! Lite 3.0

Drum machine and step sequencer that allows you to easily create amazing music loops.

Hit it! 2.0

Hit It! is an Android Application that lets users play the drums on their mobile devices.

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