Top 50 Windows Music Software Titles

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Software Titlesort iconDescriptionLicenseReleased on:Power
Sequoia 12

Sequoia is a DAW designed for professional broadcasting, mastering and audio-post production. [Host]

PaidThursday, March 15, 201260db
!Advanced Album Editor

Creating multimedia albums (mp3, audio, video, photo) and generate websites

SharewareWednesday, May 1, 200250db
#1 DVD Audio Ripper v1.2.21

A powerful and easy to use tool for ripping your DVD audio.

Demo | TrialMonday, November 1, 200450db

VST bit rate and depth reducer

Freeware | FreeThursday, December 27, 200150db

Mono bass with filters, distortion, overdrive and chorus [VST]

Freeware | FreeSunday, October 12, 200350db
.0303 Piezo-tone sequencer v1.017

A drum machine using your computer's on-board piezoelectric speaker.

Freeware | FreeWednesday, October 1, 200355db
007 MP3 Agent

CD to MP3 converter

SharewareFriday, September 5, 200350db
007 MP3 Sound Recorder v5.38

Recording software.

SharewareMonday, February 12, 200750db
10-Strike MP3-Scanner v1.5

The fastest LAN searching program

SharewareMonday, January 2, 200650db
10-Strike SearchMyDiscs 2.01

CD catalog. Easily search files on disks.

SharewareTuesday, June 14, 200555db
123 Audio CD Ripper v2.1.37

Make direct digital copies from audio CDs and save them as MP3s, WMAs, OGGs, or WAVs.

SharewareSunday, April 17, 200550db
123 Audio File Converter v2.00

Convert audio formats from one to another.

SharewareSaturday, June 25, 200555db
123 CD Extractor v2.10

Make direct digital copies from audio CDs and save them as MP3s, WMAs, OGGs, or WAVs

SharewareSaturday, November 12, 200550db
123 CD Ripper v2.10

Extract audio tracks to MP3 and WAV from CDS.

SharewareSunday, October 24, 200450db
123 MP3 CD Burner

Burn your own audio CDs from MP3 and WAV files.

SharewareThursday, March 24, 200560db
123 MP3 to WAV Converter v1.1

123 MP3 to WAV Converter converts batches of mp3 files into wav files

SharewareMonday, May 20, 200250db
123 Sound Recorder v2.10

Record any sound that your sound card plays.

SharewareThursday, April 27, 200650db
123 Super MP3 Recorder

Records your computer's audio streaming into MP3 or WAV audio formats

SharewareSaturday, July 20, 200255db
123Tag 4.01

MP3/WMA/iTunes MP4 Tag editor and file rename. Audio Catalog and Search by name or Tag. Export data, reports. En-mass treatments.

SharewareMonday, January 24, 201150db
16 In 8 Out Crossfade v1.0

Crossfade effect. [VST]

DemoTuesday, October 25, 200550db
1by1 v1.69

MP3 Directory Player.

Freeware | FreeWednesday, April 14, 201055db
1SmartSoft Wav MP3 Converter

WAV to MP3/OGG Converter

SharewareThursday, November 4, 200450db
1st Read It Aloud! v1.0

Select text from any program, press hotkey and enjoy clear natural voice.

SharewareMonday, September 26, 200555db
2 Channels MP3DJ v3.0

Music mixing program mostly for home and personal use.

2-2-SiX v1.01

Stereo to 5.1 Surround upmixer. [VST]

Demo | DemonstrationWednesday, March 1, 200650db
2-Band Distortion v1.0

Crossover frequency splitter followed by a distorting waveshaper in each band. [VST]

Freeware | FreeWednesday, February 25, 200950db
24 Channel Multi Level Meter Bridge 2014

Monitor 8, 16, 24 input channels in realtime.

Demo | TrialMonday, August 11, 201460db
2nd Speech Center v3.10

Converts any text into spoken words or even MP3/WAVE audio files.

SharewareMonday, November 21, 200555db
2RuleFilter v2.0.2

Self-resonant moog type filter. [VST]

Freeware | FreeFriday, January 4, 200850db
2WarpDelay v1.2

Feedback delay. [VST]

Freeware | FreeSaturday, February 23, 200860db
360 Xtreme Soundtraxx

Make your own extreme sports videos and soundtracks to go with them.

Demo | DemonstrationWednesday, August 25, 200455db
38911 Bytes v3.0

Synthesizer based on Commodore 64 software. [VST]

Freeware | FreeTuesday, February 24, 200955db
3D Audio v1.2a

Create high quality 3D spatial audio on your PC at an affordable price!

SharewareSaturday, January 23, 199950db
3D MP3 Sound Recorder v3.9.1

Create digital files from any audio that can be played through your computer’s sound card

SharewareFriday, March 3, 200650db
3D Spacer

3D Spacer is a VST plug-in for creating 3D audio effects. [VST]

PaidWednesday, October 12, 201155db

3Flex, affordable broadcast automation

SharewareSunday, July 1, 200155db
3S Simple Shiny Sampler

Plug-in sampler.

4 Band Shifter v1.0

Is able to shift independently the pitch of 4 adjacent, user-definable frequency bands. [VST]

Free | Open SourceThursday, May 20, 201050db
4-MP3 v2.4

MP3 database manager

SharewareFriday, October 1, 199950db
4A Studio v2.09

Audio mastering package.

SharewareTuesday, September 13, 200550db
4Front Bass Module v1.0 VSTi

A decent sounding natural bass synthesizer.

Freeware | FreeTuesday, July 22, 200350db
4Front E-Piano Module VSTi

VSTi E-piano module with rich sound (DX7-based)

Freeware | FreeWednesday, August 20, 200355db
4Front EQ10 for Various Players v2.0

Premium 10-band equalizer for most of popular players.

Freeware | FreeSaturday, December 25, 200455db
4Front Headphones I

Sound Enhancement for headphone users, supports most of major sound players

Freeware | FreeThursday, May 15, 200355db
4Front Piano Module v1.0

Piano Module Synthesizer plugin

Freeware | FreeSaturday, June 21, 200360db
4Front Rhode 2.0

Vintage Rhodes/Wurly typed piano module with gentle overdrive. [VSTi/RTAS]

Freeware | FreeMonday, November 29, 201050db
4Musics MP3 Bitrate Changer v5.0

Change MP3 bitrate in one click!

SharewareMonday, November 24, 200850db
4Musics MP3 to OGG Converter v5.0

One-way converting from MP3 to OGG format.

SharewareMonday, November 24, 200855db
4Musics MP3 to WAV Converter v4.2

One-way converting from MP3 to WAV format.

SharewareMonday, January 21, 200855db
4Musics MP3 to WMA Converter v5.0

One-way converting from MP3 to WMA format.

SharewareTuesday, November 25, 200850db