Ableton Live Clip Collection: Low Beats Clipbox from Cluster Sound

If you're unfamiliar with Ableton Live Clips then check the video demonstration below.

Low Beats Clipbox - Clip Collection for Ableton Live

Designed for tech based music, Low Beats Clipbox consists of 195 Clips, 240 deep samples organized inton 6 drum Kits with dedicated macro controls and 12 additional synths made by looping and tuning percussive elements.

Although this pack is focused on electronic low beats, you can easily use it to make original Snares, Hats, Kicks, Glitches and pseudo-drum elements thanks to the effect modules.

Sliced Loops

The Clips were taken from 195 WAV loops from the Cluster Sound catalog. Each Clip consists of an Instrument Rack, created by slicing and key mapping the original WAV file, bundled with a MIDI loop that triggers each slice. This lets you to generate new patterns instantly by editing the MIDI notes to change the tempo without artifacts.

Instrument Racks

Each Instrument Rack is made up of the dry loop coupled with two parallel layers dedicated to the dynamic effects including Resynthesis, AM/FM Oscillators, Resonators, Noisers, Pitch Shifters, Reverse and Filter Shapers. Additionally, all 3 layers share the Pitch and the Decay controls and a very versatile FX module that allows to add sub harmonic frequencies, Delay, Reverbs and Metal effects.


  • Size : 330 Mb
  • 195 Live Clips
  • 6 Drum Kit Instruments
  • 12 Synth Instruments
  • 240 WAV Drum Samples
  • 3.500 WAV Slices
  • Price : 19.95 €

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