Avid Mbox and Mbox Mini now with Pro Tools Express

Avid has bundled their portable audio interfaces - Mbox and Mbox Mini with Pro Tools Express software at no additional charge.


When you buy an Mbox or Mbox Mini, you can now enjoy the Pro Tools software experience for free, giving you more value for your money.

If you are in need of a high quality home recording setup, or even for small studios - this is a great chance to save a few bucks while getting one of the best that technology has to offer.

The Mbox by itself is good enough reason for purchase - but Avid wanted to give musicians a little bit more incentives, and maybe they want to match what other audio interfaces has to offer.

With Pro Tools Express, you can record, edit, and mix up to 16 stereo audio tracks in addition to virtual instruments and MIDI tracks. And you get to do it using the core industry-standard toolset embraced by top producers, engineers, and artists.

When paired with the Mbox Mini and Mbox interfaces - the system gives you professional grade audio and performance at a reasonable price.

Key Features of Pro Tools Express:

  • Record and mix up to 16 stereo audio tracks at 96 kHz (Mbox) or 48 kHz (Mbox Mini) resolution
  • Compose music easily with premium AIR virtual instruments, plus the same MIDI editing and Sibelius notation tools as Pro Tools
  • Create pro-quality mixes with Automatic Delay Compensation and a collection of high-quality plug-ins
  • Change tempo, timing, pitch, and create harmonies in real time with Elastic Time and Elastic Pitch
  • Take projects to the next level—and to studios around the world—with session file compatibility across all Pro Tools systems

Tony Cariddi, Avid pro audio marketing manager, was quoted saying “Customers and critics have raved about the audio quality of the Mbox and Mbox Mini interfaces, and while they work brilliantly with Core Audio- and ASIO-compatible systems, they really shine the brightest as part of the Pro Tools experience. We're excited to now share that professional Pro Tools experience with all Mbox users, whether they opt for a Pro Tools + Mbox bundle or a standalone Mbox with Pro Tools Express. This perfect union of hardware and software tools delivers the performance, sound quality, and stability that lets them focus on composing, recording, editing, and mixing their very best work.”

Mbox with Pro Tools Express currently sells for $499 while Mbox Mini sells for $299.

For more information about the Mbox and Pro Tools express, visit Avid.

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