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Avid has partnered with to produce tutorial videos designed to help you achieve Pro Tools 101 Certification.

Pro Tools 10 Tutorials is a tutorial video publisher that specializes in audio software education and is the official Avid Learning Partner Online.


They released five feature length video tutorials that will help you better utilize the various capabilities of Avid's Pro Tools 10 software, and they also have a series that introduces the new features of Pro Tools 10. These Pro Tools 10 online tutorials are certified by Avid which means that you can get your Pro Tools 101 certification upon completion of the course.

Martin Sitter, founder of was quoted saying "This new series of Pro Tools 10 Avid Learning Partner Online tutorials is designed as a study guide for individuals pursuing Pro Tools 10 end user certification... so viewers can watch these titles and feel confident that they have the skills and knowledge required to write the Pro Tools 10 101 certification test."

Here are some of the new videos:

  • Pro Tools 10 100 - This is a FREE 5-video sampler the discusses the new features of Pro Tools 10
  • Pro Tools 10 101 - This is the introduction to Pro Tools. It will cover important basics like the science on how it process audio and the various configurations.
  • Pro Tools 10 103 - This video tutorial will teach you how to utilize the recording functionality of your Pro Tools
  • Pro Tools 10 104 - This part will deal with understanding the basics of audio editing
  • Pro Tools 10 105 - This section will help you grasp and explore the MIDI features of Pro Tools 10

There are still a number of topics that needs to be discussed, so has planned seven more video tutorials for Pro Tools 10 in the near future to cover all the aspects of music production.

You can buy your preferred tutorial individually for only $19.50 per title. Or alternatively you can join the company's Online Tutorial Library for only $25 a month, where in you can watch all of the new Avid Learning Partner Online Pro Tools 10 tutorials through your web browser.

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