Pro Tools 11 Update

Pro Tools 11 is now available, the latest update to Avid's popular DAW, featuring an upgraded audio engine.

Pro Tools 11 Update

Considered by many as the industry standard, Pro Tools now feature improved performance and less latency, to take on the ever increasing demands of modern music production.

This update brings an all-new Avid Audio Engine that is said to have multiple times the processing power of the previous version, on the same hardware configuration. Avid was able to accomplish this by optimizing and improving the audio engine's efficiency. The new audio engine will give you more power to pile up your virtual instruments and effects, to speed up your tasks, and to increase your musical productivity.

To let you handle bigger sessions, Pro Tools was re-written as a 64-bit architecture application. This change gives increased memory space, which in turn allows the DAW to handle complex multi-track and plug-in sessions as well as RAM-intensive instruments. All the components of Pro Tools were updated to reflect this new architecture, including the audio engine, video engine, metering engine, automation and plug-in engine.

Pro Tools 11 now features an upgraded bounce system, with instant sharing features and a faster than real-time offline bounce. The new offline bounce can go as fast as 150x compared to real-time, which results in faster workflow and production process. This feature better equips Pro Tools in handling audio where time is limited, like in radio or TV broadcasts and live music applications.

Aside from audio and performance improvements, another useful feature of Pro Tools 11 is the new Avid Video Engine. It lets you play or edit HD video right within the Pro Tools timeline, without wasting time transcoding.

Rounding off the list of improvements is the low-latency input buffer, this will let you monitor inputs on your system without sacrificing performance. The metering system was also improved for better control over your mixes.

Other improvements include:

  • Workspace browser
  • Track automation while recording
  • Dynamic host processing reallocates resources as you launch more plugins
  • New mini meters for plug-in send and gain reduction
  • Time-stamped plug-in automation
  • Satellite Link allows for controlling multiple Pro Tools HD systems
  • New key command workflows and mixing interface enhancements
  • Support for Apple Retina display

For more information on the new Pro Tools 11, you can head over to Avid.

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