Reloop Terminal Mix 4

Terminal Mix 4, also called TM4, is a digital controller and DJ mixer from Reloop designed for integration with Serato software.

Reloop Terminal Mix 4

The TM4 is an all-in-one 4 deck controller with full turntable functionality, packed in slim 6" aluminum platters. It features 3-fold EQ with intelligent kill technique and filter modulation capabilities per channel. Any of the 4 channels can be easily assigned to the crossfader via the controls on the front panel, where you can adjust the crossfader curve.

Its flat aluminum jog platters are impressive, sporting a diameter of 15.5cm and enhanced with a non-slip vinyl grip coating. This lets you control your tracks smoothly and has 3 easily switchable modes which include - Vinyl, Pitch bend and Quick Search. You can switch between changing the pitch, browsing through tracks and scratching real time. Pitch bending capability was also improved in Terminal Mix 4, it now has a 14 bit pitch fader with 100mm increments for precision mixing and blending.

Four management buttons are now found within the master section which lets you access your playlist directly and assign specific tracks per button. The rubberized buttons that cover the transport section is fully offers a comfortable pressure point whilst also being extremely durable. The performance section feature an 8 button layout which allows for versatility and even more creative possibilities.

TM4's FX section is has 4 buttons, 3 rotary knobs, and 1 endless encoder to provide additional variations to your mix. The smart loop section also features 4 independent controls allowing you to quickly set beat-precise loops, adjust the size of the loops and create move the loops whilst in a live situation.

Here is a nice video demo for the Terminal Mix 4:

One of the qualms about this professional quality hardware is ironically the lack of professional software in the package. It only comes with Serato DJ Intro and Virtual DJ 7 LE which cannot utilize the full potential of the hardware. You will have to buy the Pro version of the software to enjoy its full features. Still, all these essential DJ tools are built into a controller that feels like a sturdy tank, Serato enthusiasts would find the TM4 worth checking out.

Terminal Mix 4 is expected to hit US stores in June 15, 2012 with a retail price of around $600. To find out more about this new DJ gear, you can visit Reloop.

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