Pioneer RMX-1000 - DJ Remixing System

Pioneer RMX-1000 is a DJ remixing system that features remix effects and rhythmic sampling.

Pioneer RMX-1000

RMX-1000 is a 3-in-1 Pro-DJ system, it includes editing software, innovative performance hardware and VST/AU plug-ins.


Housed in a compact and portable housing, RMX-1000 will let you have free reign over the entire remixing process in real time. It incorporates four remixing functions: Scene FX, Isolate FX, X-Pad FX and Release FX. You have these four sections arranged in easy to control knobs and buttons that control multiple effect parameters. You can also combine the effects and sections to create unique arrangements and performances.

The Scene FX section gives you five "Build UP" effects and five "Break Down" effects. The Isolate FX section gives you EQ control with its Isolator, you also get three additional effects transition/gate type effects. The X-Pad FX section i a touchpad section that lets you create sound using either built-in audio samples or customized ones. Finally the Release FX section is the wet and dry control which comes with 3 different flavors.


The device comes with Pioneer's remixbox editing software which will let you customize almost all the functions and features of the unit. You can also use this unit as a USB controller when used in conjunction with the included VST/AU RMX-1000 Plug-in Software. Other notable features include Quantize, auto BPM, USB-MIDI compatibility.

Check out this cool video demonstration of the RMX-1000:

David Arevalo from Pioneer Electronics said that "The RMX-1000 isn’t your typical effector or sampler. It allows you to mix in multiple unique remix effects that can be manipulated with whatever music is playing, by adding multiple beat-synced effects and original rhythmic samples, the only limitation is your own creativity to unleash the ultimate remix on the fly in real-time."

RMX-1000 is scheduled for a June 2012 release with an expected retail price of $999.

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