Bitwig Studio v1.2 Sneak Preview at NAMM 2015

Bitwig is giving us a sneeak preview of the upcoming version 1.2 update for their music production software, Bitwig Studio, at the 2015 NAMM Show.

Bitwig Studio v1.2

The company will be joining other music software and hardware developers at the conference floor, putting their latest works on display for retailers, artists and the press to see.

The star of their booth will be their recently released digital audio workstation, Bitwig Studio, of which they will be offering a preview of the new features that will be included in the software's next major update.

Bitwig Studio, which was just released last year, is the latest software to challenge the many existing music production software that are now available in the market. It is a brave move for the company, especially since there are going against well established competition. Now that its been out for a few months, it looks like the software is successful in attracting producers and electronic musicians, thanks to its multi-platform compatibility and unique workflow.

The target market for this DAW are electronic/laptop producers, DJs and musicians, and in this regard it can be comparable to Ableton Live. Note that the similarity of approach may not be pure coincidence because the people that developed Bitwig Studio were themselves former Ableton employees.

Bitwig Studio v1.2 is a free major update for all existing license holders of the software, it is meant to fix some bugs and add important features that help improve its workflow and efficiency.

The press release mentioned that Group Tracks will be getting an upgrade, version 1.2 will have improved navigation when dealing with numerous tracks. The improvement will take effect in every view of a project, while consolidating the signal flow of multiple sources through a single Group Track. For easier editing of clips from multiple tracks in group track timelines, the update will be featuring a new editing workflow in the Arrange View called "Meta Clips". Group Tracks will also be expanded to the software's Multi-out VST functionality.

To further increase efficiency, Bitwig Studio will now have a separate Audition Browser, which can be accessed via the Audition icon. By clicking Audition, your entire catalog of sound becomes available for quick browsing. It will let you browse, audition, swap and insert anything from presets and samples to full clips of sounds during playback. Another smart move by the company is adding the option to hide the Audition Browser, saving precious screen real estate when you're finished picking the tracks and sounds that you'll be using. This improved browsing bridges the gaps between different devices, giving you a meta view of all available sounds per category.

Factory content will also be updated. Three new demo songs will be available, along with 500+ fully-functional presets. Also every Bitwig Library preset was with the help of 3rd parties like Detunized, Mode Audio, Sample Magic, and Overclock Inc.

Finally, Bitwig Studio 1.2 will have an improved graphical user interface that supports Macintosh Retina and Windows High-DPI displays. This will let you fully utilize the displays of your laptop or computer to give the software a sharper and clearer look.

Bitwig Studio 1.2 Beta is scheduled to start on February, and will be available to select license holders. Head over to Bitwig for further details. Check out the Bitwig NAMM 2015 Booth #4901 at the main floor, they will be there from January 22nd - 25th.

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