New Celemony Melodyne Video Tutorials and Artists Interviews

New Celemony Melodyne Video Tutorials and Artists Interviews

Celemony has uploaded new Melodyne video tutorials and video interviews with Hans-Martin Buff and Jason Phats.

Celemony has released six new video tutorials to help Melodyne users. It gives users some useful tips and various sound applications of Melodyne. There is a video for editing Pop Vocals, using the Amplitude Tool and making guitar sounds in the Style of Tom Morello. Other videos covered One Shot Samples, using formants effectively and Demixing and remixing of Vocal Phrases.

There are also two videos uploaded in the Artists Series - interview with Hans-Martin Buff (Scorpions, Prince) and Jason Phats (Phats and Small). The videos give us a peek into the mindset of these professionals and also gives us detailed tips on how they use Melodyne.

Tutorial videos:

Making beats with One Shot Samples - Tips on crafting grooves with one-shot samples

Techniques for editing Pop Vocals - Tips to get the most out of your vocal tracks

Guitar in the style of Tom Morello - Tips to create out of this world guitar solos by using Melodyne

Creative use of the Amplitude Tool - Adding dynamics, adding volume or quieting down parts of your tracks

Demixing and Remixing a Vocal Phrase - Learn how to isolate a vocal phrase and mix it to a different arrangement

Creative use of formants - How to work with the Formant tool for creative editing

Artist videos:

Hans-Martin Buff (Prince, Scorpions) - "I don't like a piece of equipment doing the thinking for me. With Melodyne I can do it myself."

Jason Phats (Phats & Small) - "Melodyne is like a sequencer within the sequencer. It's full of power."

You can find more videos at or Celemony's YouTube channel

For more information about Melodyne, head over to

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