Jordan Rudess SpaceWiz Ambient Music App

Dream Theather keyboardist Jordan Rudess released an iPad app called SpaceWiz, an ambient music generator with an interplanetary interface.

Jordan Rudess SpaceWiz

To produce the app's space age interface, Jordan teamed up Tobias Miller, an experienced visual effects programmer and developer of iOS apps.

Jordan Rudess was quoted saying: "We partnered with developer Tobias Miller to see if an otherworldly dream I had could be made into reality. He was able to bring it completely to life." They worked together to create every unique sound and image detail. The joint effort resulted in an iPad app that features great soundscapes partnered with impressive 3D visuals. SpaceWiz comes with 250 on-board instruments, forty-five presets and you get access to control external MIDI instruments.

SpaceWiz is a unique ambient music generator app for the iPad that uses a 3D planetary system animation as its interface. Each planet represents specific sounds that you can trigger via the "satellite" generators that shoot out particles to the planets. You can alter the soundscape by creating and moving these particle generators around your planetary system.

You can have up to 8 Planets in your system with each one assigned to its own timbre. You can set the volume, rate, width, height, mass and bounce of each planet. Pitch is controlled via the angle (X and Y position of particle impact) and you can also set the pan or use Auto Panning. Other features include tone override and randomization.

It may seem that control features are minimal, but you will be surprised to find that you get a myriad of control features aside from the satellite, you get Tap Tempo, Beat Sync, LowPass and HighPass filter with resonance, Time Warp and you can also apply effects including Chorus, Delay and Reverb.

SpaceWiz comes with its own Tonality system that offers scales, modes and chords, you can also create your own custom tonality. Finally, it comes with a traditional synthesizer labeled as SW-3000, it is a 2 oscillator synth with independent envelope and effects.

To help you better enjoy this unique iPad music app, Jordan Rudess created a six-part tutorial series. We've included the first tutorial video for you to better understand the workings of this app.

To watch the rest of the tutorial and for more information, you can visit Wizdom Music.

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Don't spose this would work on an Android tablet by chance?
I suspect not, but I thought I'd ask.
If not, are there any plans to create an android version please :0)