Top Apps for Music Production on iPad

The iPad is musical - it's something built in to the very DNA of Apple.

If you're interested in making music iPad style, then you've come to the right place - we have gathered together our list of the best iPad music production apps.

Whether you're looking for the best synth app, or an app for recording music, we believe this list truly represents the top 10 iPad apps for making music today. If you're recording on your iPad then you'll also need a way to capture audio - check out this guide to The Best iPad Audio Interfaces.

We compiled this list with the help of feedback here on this website, and over at Reddit, and of course the experts here at Hitsquad.

If you have other iPad applications in mind that you think can help your fellow musicians, do please list them down on the comments below.


This is one of those iPad music applications you can't ignore. Apple's famous GarageBand '11 was trimmed down nicely to fit and match the mobility and style of the iPad. It features an intuitive interface, with a quick learning curve making it ideal for hobbyist or even non musicians to try making music. GarageBand for iPad is the basic 8 track audio recording and production software that most musicians want in their iPads. They either have it, tried it or will get it.

Price: $4.99

Korg iMS-20

The Korg iMS-20 is a faithful recreation of the classic Korg MS-20 Synth just for the iPad. By combining the Korg MS-20 analog synth, Kaoss-style performance, a drum machine, analog step style sequencer and a mixer for controls, this will turn your iPad into a music making machine. The basic controls and the good analog step style sequencer audio makes this a favorite iPad app among musicians.

Price: $32.99

Korg iElectribe

Yes, Korg appears a second time - they really know how to produce iPad synthesizer apps! iElectribe is a virtual groove and dance music creator. It is like having the historic Electribe’s sequencer capabilities and its entire sound engine. Add in eight effect, 64 user presets and advanced motion sequencing and what you have is a mobile electronica dance music creator. The interface is so easy to use - even a guitar player like me found it easy to make my first few grooves. However it does not end with simplicity because it offers depth and precision for advanced users. Musicians who feel like creating 90's vibe dance music on the fly, made this a popular music making iPad app.

Price: $23.99

FL Studio Mobile HD

I've been using Fruity Loops for making demos so I am glad that there is finally a version that can run on iPad. FL Studio Mobile HD is a music production workstation for the iPad. It allows you to play multiple virtual instruments, record, add effects, mix, and even master. In case musicians have a spark of inspiration and want to record a basic song, or want to arrange, mix and add effects to music while they are travelling or far from a studio, most will tap on the FL Studio Mobile HD icon on their iPad.

Price: $19.99


Another popular iPad app for musicians - specifically guitar players - is Amplitube. It is an amp and effects modeller application for the iPad. With the help of a special hardware adaptor called "iRig", guitar players can plug their guitar to their iPads and use the Amplitude app to create their tone. A loaded Amplitube will give iPad users 11 stompboxes with up to 4 simultaneous working, 5 amps from clean to metal, 5 cabinets and 2 Microphones. This will allow for multiple tones without having to bring heavy pedal boards. The metronome and chromatic tuner rounds up the features of this app that can be found in most guitar players' iPad.

Price: $14.99

Looptastic HD

Looptastic HD is a loop and groove maker for the iPad. This app allows you to create, modify, and enhance loop based music. You can use hundreds of internet downloadable samples or record your own samples. Other features that made this app popular are the ability to mix, add in sound effects, record or save a mix and easily share the resulting music.

Price: $14.99


Polychord is an accompaniment app with built in chords, bass and drums. Another app with an intuitive interface, you just have to tap the chord circles and the Polychord will do everything else. It will add drums and bass that will follow chord changes, very handy when writing a song or learning a song's basic chord elements. Another feature that turned this iPad app into a hit is the midi controller functionality.

Price: $9.99

FunkBox Drum Machine

FunkBox Drum Machine is a basic virtual drum machine. It has the look and feel of a vintage beatbox with samples from analog classic drum machines. What allows it to stand out though is it's intuitive and straightforward interface. Any musician regardless of their percussion instrument experience can create basic to advanced drum loops for their songs. A lot of times simple, straightforward and efficient is the best solution, as exemplified by the FunkBox Drum Machine.

Price: $2.99


SunVox is a small and light, easy to use synthesizer application for the iPad. It has all the basic features of synthesizers, having sampling capabilities, multiple built in synthesizers, virtual instruments and audio effects. A pattern is seemingly emerging on this list - iPad apps that are popular tend to be the ones that have intuitive and easy to learn controls. The SunVox is simple but in no way does it sacrifice quality because of its versatile architecture, adjusting quality based on CPU capability.

Price: $5.49

Songwriter's Pad

Songwriter's Pad is the ideal companion for songwriters. It has idea generating tools that will help spark creativity and expression. It includes a rhyming dictionary, a digital audio recorder, a thesaurus and a nifty emotion based idea generator. This will help songwriting in its many stages, from kick starting, cleaning ideas, proper wording and rhyming up to recording a demo. Musicians who are into writing songs, or want to try writing songs would benefit greatly from the Songwriter's Pad for the iPad.

Price: $5.49

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