Make Your Mark in Music by Anika Paris published by Hal Leonard

Anika Paris shares her professional stage performing secrets with you in her book with DVD - Making your Mark in Music published by Hal Leonard

The book is a mixture of a number of disciplines that are designed for performing musicians of all levels. It mixes conversations, eastern philosophy, psychology and performance techniques to produce valuable learnings.

Anika will show you the inner workings of performance, and at the same time help you discover your own potential by seeing things in Anika's perspective. And finally the main goal of the book is for you to be successful and to improve via a self development process.


Anika sums up the objective of the book by saying "I want to help songwriters and performers find the role they play as artists. Help them connect to audiences by bringing themselves and their individual gifts to the stage. I hope this book will encourage them to get out there and share their music with the world."

The book also comes with a DVD which contains snippets of Anika's master class sessions. You will see Anika Paris assist, coach and inspire some students of the Musician's Institute by applying the principles, techniques and concepts found on the book. The before and after videos of the students will show you how big the improvements are and will hopefully inspire you to make your own mark in music as well.

Here is a video trailer of the Making your Mark in Music Book and DVD:

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