Pro Tools Update v12.2 and Ableton Live Update v9.2.2

Two of today's biggest music production software have updates released, v12.2 for Pro Tools and v9.2.2 for Ableton Live.

Pro Tools

Used by many top studios and considered by many as industry standard for recording, Pro Tools just keeps getting better. Well they have to keep improving, because if they don't, other digital audio workstations like Ableton Live will catch up if not overtake them. In line with this, Avid has just released Pro Tools v12.2 which improves the overall performance and stability of the software, while Ableton has released Live v9.2.2 which improves on their control surface support.

What’s new in Pro Tools 12.2

Since version 12, Pro Tools have already introduced a number of improvements starting with input/output and monitoring improvements, unlimited busses, increased track count, and other fixes and enhancements that improve operation stability. Now with Pro Tools 12.2, Avid is introducing a number of new improvements, most notable of which is its better disk cache capabilities that greatly improve overall performance. Another change introduced in this version is the metering improvements, allowing for even more precise control over your tracks. Check out the list of changes below:

  • VCA Masters
  • Disk Cache
  • Advanced Metering
  • Gain Reduction Metering
  • Avid Access Plan options including new Plug-in Bundle.

Here's a video that tested Pro Tools 12.2's improved disk cache on an older Mac Book Pro:

What’s new in Ableton Live 9.2.2

Ableton Live 9.2.2

Having made a name for itself in electronic music production, Ableton Live has grown to become a true electronic instrument. While it can still function as a digital audio workstation, professional musicians have been using Ableton Live to not only prepare electronic music but to actually perform and make electronic music live. And having found their niche, Ableton is not about to let up on their advantage, releasing updates that focus on improving control surface support and fixing unwanted bugs. See the detailed list of changes introduced in v9.2.1 and 9.2.2 below:

  • Added control surface support for the Akai MIDImix.
  • Added control surface support for the Akai Professional MPD218, MPD226 and MPD232 controllers.
  • Added control surface support for the Akai Professional Advance keyboard series.
  • Fixed crash on 64-bit systems when scanning VST plugins after changing the input device or opening a VST plug-in window
  • Fixed crash when dragging a Clip in the Groove Pool/
  • Fixed Audio Units bug where it stops passing audio after changing sample rate.
  • .
  • Replaced icon for current project in browser sidebar.

Check out the video below to see the recently added Ableton Live Scrub and Ram mode in action:

Both the Avid Pro Tools and Ableton Live Updates are now available for download for existing users. Visit Avid for more information on Pro Tools, and you can head over to Ableton for further details on the current version of Live.

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