Propellerhead Discover Beta - Free Online Music Collaboration Service

Propellerhead launches Discover, a free online platform where users of their music production software and iOS apps can share ideas and" make music together".

Propellerhead Discover Beta

This new cloud sharing service is meant for Reason, Figure and Take users to quickly and conveniently collaborate on the entire music making process - from sharing of ideas, to distributing recording tasks, all the way to mixing and production.

To achieve this, the company designed a platform by which your tablet, smartphone and computer are essentially interconnected, allowing for quick transfer of music pieces from capturing ideas to doing final recording, mixing and mastering. Take and Figure iOS app users can easily "drop" their recordings and tracks to an online sharing service called Discover, they can then open up Reason to continue their music production work in their home studio. Discover is meant to bridge the gap between mobile and studio workflows, with the end result being increased inspiration and productivity.

Aside from having your smart devices connected, this service will also let you be connected with your bandmates, and friends, and this group collaboration is what the service is all about. Whether your friends are using a smartphone or tablet, or using Reason on their computer, you can share your musical work with them just as easily as you share your tracks between your devices.

I understand if you are thinking that this has already been done, but it doesn't end with just that - Propellerhead is taking music sharing a step further by letting you collaborate with the entire community of Propellerhead app and software users! With the new Discover service, you can literally put your stuff out there for other artists that you don't even know to collaborate on, vastly expanding your creative and performance resources. You can also collaborate on what others have started and maybe get inspiration from what other artists are working on. This will essentially give you a band with musicians from the entire world as members!

Propellerhead CEO Ernst Nathorst-Böös said, "Our mission has always been about realizing musical dreams, and this is the next step. Unlike other music-making services we’re not building this exclusively for producers. If you love to sing or play guitar, the Propellerhead community creates inspiring music pieces for you to record on. If producing is your passion, there are amazing pieces out there to pick up and build on, sample or remix. We’re launching in beta so you can try it out today and tell us how we can make it perfect for you."

This is certainly an interesting concept and could have big impact on how we make music, because it disregards traditional geographic and social limitations allowing for a virtually unlimited collaboration possibilities.

To be able to use this new service, Propellerhead has released the updated versions of Reason, Take and Figure, all of which can now connect to the service. Take app is freely downloadable while you have to pay $0.99 to download Figure. Reason 8.1 is available as a free update for existing Reason 8 users.

Discover is now up and running, head over to Propellerheads for more information.

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