Traktor DJ for iPad

Native Instruments introduces the Traktor DJ iPad app, featuring the same technology behind Traktor Pro, optimized for touch screen use.

Traktor DJ

Instead of the usual hardware-like interface, this app has a waveform based graphical user interface that takes advantage of the iPad's multi-touch features.


This app was built from the ground up specifically for iPad users, designed by the same team of experts behind Traktor Pro. It is meant to be fun and easy-to-use to attract beginners, while at the same time have enough advanced features to please professionals.

The app's intuitive interface looks more DAW-like than your typical DJ software, giving you a fresh perspective in accessing and mixing your music. With the waveform as the center of user interaction, the app lets you utilize iOS Multi-Touch gestures like pinch and swipe. It also gives you a better visual of the music you are playing, editing and mixing.

The app lets you quickly manipulate waveforms by simply touching them, you can grab music with two fingers to instantly set a loop, perform scratches, mark cue points for live re-editing, and scrub, browse or navigate through tracks. All the key functions of the Traktor Pro 2 software is made available, re-designed for touch screen interaction.

Another feature of this app is its new Freeze Mode, it lets you edit waveforms into playable parts in real-time. You can also create beat grids and map your song while it continues playing, great if you find yourself doing impromptu DJ mixing work. This DJ app also comes with its own Notification Center, which keeps track of your usage and progress, giving you tips, tricks and techniques on how to use the various features of the app.

Traktor DJ Pro comes with automatic tempo detection and sync engine that provide you with quick and accurate downbeat analysis. This simplifies track mixing, and lets you focus more on the playing music, instead of what to play next. To further simplify track mixing, the app can also recommend compatible tracks from your iTunes library using its advanced downbeat and key detection algorithms.

Finally, the Traktor DJ app is fully compatible with the Traktor Pro 2 software, thanks to its bi-directional syncing. This makes the iPad a viable mobile alternative for professional DJs that use Traktor Pro. You can transfer all beat grids, cue points, loops and BPM counts seamlessly between the iPad and your Traktor Pro 2 software via a free Dropbox account.

The Traktor DJ App is currently available in the iTunes App Store for $19.99. It works with iPad 2, iPad mini and the new iPad with retina display.

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