Best Free DJ Software

We have compiled our recommended list of the Best Free DJ Software which will have you mixing and scratching in no time.

We cover all the popular platforms including Windows, Mac, Linux, and mobile. You will find a quick summary of what each free DJ application is all about, along with links to get the free download.



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Mixxx was one of the first virtual DJ systems back in 2001 and has continued to meet the demands of professional and semi-professional DJs. With features like looping controls, beat estimation, hot cues, parallel visual displays and high fidelity EQs, Mixxx compares favorably to some of the commercial options. Mixxx supports a wide range of DJ input controllers making it a very versatile DJ system.
Ots Turntables

Ots Turntables

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Runs on Windows
Ots Turntables gives you a pair of professional mixing turntables which allows you to change pitch and tempo, scratch, play backwards and create your own professional sounding remix. Use it to DJ like a pro or to simply enjoy your music collection privately. Additional features include Auto DJ, built in Dynamics Processor and an optional warm vinyl-crackle ambiance for your music. Ots Turntables is a full featured DJ software for free, a commercial version is also available and comes with more visualizations, the ability to record, webcast and cue headphones.


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Runs on Linux
terminatorX is actually a realtime audio synthesizer. It works by sampling your audio data and you virtually "scratch" on these digitally sampled audio data much like how DJs do it on vinyl records. Aside from the multiple turntables, terminatorX features realtime effects (buit-in as well as LADSPA plugin effects), MIDI interface and a sequencer - all easily accessible via its intuitive interface. One of its newest features is a resonating lowpass filter, where the cutoff frequency can be modified realtime while scratching.
Droid DJ Lite

Droid DJ Lite

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Runs on Android
Droid DJ is a portable virtual DJ system for Android. It features two visual mixing decks with pitch changing capabilities. It also has a BPM counter and and auto-pitch functions for automatic mix and matching of tracks. Droid DJ also comes with basic DJ functions like cross fading, ability to cue, volume controls and turntable like adjustments. Currently Droid DJ lite has limited the pitch control on the second deck but this might change in the future. If you are looking for a good Android DJ software for free, then you should try Droid DJ.
DJ Mixer Pro

DJ Mixer Pro

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Runs on iOS
DJ Mixer Pro is our free DJ software pick for iOS. It turns your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch into a mobile DJ system. It comes with all the basic DJ functions including mixing, high and low pass resonant filters, simple and advanced EQ and turntable functions. It also comes with free 12 dance tracks from various hiphop and dance music artists. You can either manually DJ your playlist or use the built in autoDJ feature. The free features are good enough to create great DJ sets but if you want to expand, there are in app purchases available that include additional functions like headphones mixing, WiFi party, the ability to mix your own music without limit, and you can also purchase a Premium Effects pack for creating unique and professional sounding DJ mixes.

For a complete list of available DJ software, both free and commercial, see the DJ Software category here on Hitsquad.

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