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Hosts - Other - Here you will find software which will allow you to host and use RTAS, MAS and TDM plug-ins. Hosts may be incorporated in production suites and sequencers or be stand-alone applications. For a large selection of compatible plug-ins see the Plug-ins - Other category.



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Bitwig Studio v1.3.11

Bitwig is a multi-platform DAW software designed for both live performance and studio recording.

Linux MultiMedia Studio 1.0.3

Alternative to commercial programs like FL Studio, which allow you to produce music with your computer. Hosts VST/LADSPA plugins.

Mixbus v2.5

Digital Audio Workstation with "True Analog Mixing" [Hosts Other/VST]

Jalv 1.4.6

Jalv is a full featured LV2 host for Jack. [Host]

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