Pro Tools 12

Update: Pro Tools 12 is out, available in four variants with the flagship version being Pro Tools | HD. Other variants include Pro Tools, Pro Tools Express and the free entry-level version Pro Tools | First.

Pro Tools 12

Pro Tools | HD is the flagship variant, featuring maximum track counts, highest performance, scalability and surround sound, ideal for demanding music and post production work. This is the best Pro Tools software available and is aimed at professionals.

Pro Tools is the standard version, ideal for those who want to write music, record and edit tracks and mix music with pictures, complete with all the advanced tools and workflows that the software can bring.

Pro Tools Express is the budget friendly version, with some features trimmed or stripped down while retaining essentials for a more straightforward interface. Avid hopes that this version will make the quality of Pro Tools be more accessible to musicians and studios that are working with limited budgets.

Pro Tools | First is the entry-level free version. If you've been wanting to try Pro Tools without having to spend anything so you can evaluate its performance then this is your chance. Songwriters and musicians who are doing mostly basic recordings.

Avid kicks off the 2015 NAMM show with a special announcement, introducing the next version of their popular digital audio workstation, Pro Tools 12.

This update makes the industry standard software more accessible to the masses via new flexible licensing options. It also introduces Avid Cloud Collaboration, the company's very own online sharing and distribution platform. Last but not the least, Avid Marketplace is updated for convenient content and plug-in shopping, and even talent scouting.

Avid Senior VP of Products and Technology Chris Gahagan said, "These new innovations demonstrate our commitment to providing audio customers with the choice, power, and flexibility they need to create the highest quality music and audio. With Pro Tools 12, audio professionals can now access the software in more ways than ever. They can find new talent and plugins, and get wide exposure for their work via the Avid Marketplace. And with the upcoming Avid Cloud Collaboration, customers will be able to create, connect, and collaborate in unprecedented new ways."

Flexible Licensing Options:

Gone are the days when only wealthy artists and professional studios can afford to use Pro Tools for their projects. With this new update, more producers and musicians can finally get a working version of the software when they need it. This new subscription system adds to the normal upgrade and purchase methods, you can opt to use Pro Tools on for a month, a year or you can simply by the upgrade or full version software.

For as little as $29.99, you can now utilize Pro Tools for an entire month, which will probably be long enough to finish various musical projects. You basically only pay for Pro Tools for the time duration that you will actually be using it. If that's not cheap enough, Avid is also releasing "Pro Tools | First", a free version of the software that comes with basic music creation tools to help you get a better grasp of the music production process. Note that the subscriptions will let you download free upgrades from Avid as long as you are still within the subscription time frame.

Collaborate in the Cloud

Avid is finally catching up to other music production software developers by setting up their own Cloud sharing platform. It's implementation is pretty straightforward, allowing you to work on a session with another artist, producer, editor and more. The entire production process is covered by the new online sharing network, from songwriting to recording, editing to mixing and more.

To utilize this feature, you can simply invite your bandmates and work together on a song, from getting the concept started on to the actual finished product. And note that you can do all of this anywhere as long as you are connected online.

Avid Marketplace

Working hand in hand with the upcoming cloud collaboration is the new Avid Marketplace. This is where users of Pro Tools can potentially earn, by helping complete someone else's projects. Not to mention that when used properly, you can gain more exposure to increase your fanbase.

The company elaborates, "Unlike social music sites that simply allow you to share and promote your music, the Avid Marketplace is designed to help you forge more meaningful connections with the audio community, enabling you to connect with other media professionals to share, collaborate, promote, and sell your work—publicly or privately. This puts the power in your hands to make connections and create new opportunities."

On top of this announcement, Avid also mentioned that they are releasing 17 new plug-ins and 9 new plug-in bundles. This increases the total number of plug-ins to more than 60.

Pro Tools software subscription and licensing options are now available, head over to Avid for more information.

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