Pioneer HDJ-1500 DJ Headphones

The HDJ-1500 by Pioneer is designed to deliver quality sound reproduction in a stylish look designed for pro DJs.

Pioneer HDJ-1500

Pioneer HDJ-1500 sits comfortably between the HDJ-2000 and HDJ-500 models, providing a balance of headphone quality and affordability for DJs.


Pioneer utilized quality components and large drivers packed in a sturdy construction and added a new sound isolation technology to let the DJ hear exacting details through their headphones in loud events and venues.

It is designed to deliver balanced sound across the entire frequency spectrum and will not add coloration to your sound. Its 50mm drivers, copper-clad aluminum wire (CCAW) voice coils, rare-earth magnets and 38μm-thick diaphragms work together to provide great control of the drivers - producing improved bass response. You can hear vocals that are more pronounced, hard hitting kick drums and snappy snare that will let you match tempos and beats effortlessly as you mix.

Aside from great sounds, the HDJ-1500 also features a new sound isolation technology. It has an innovative sound-isolation chamber as part of its bass reflex port that isolates low and mid frequencies in the 300Hz to 1,300Hz by as much as 4 decibels when compared to the previous Pioneer model - this results in a cleaner, better defined bass/mid range sounds.

Sounding good is not enough for DJ Headphones, they have to look cool just as much. The HDJ-1500 features pro-style looks with large over-the-ears cups that looks sleek and contributes to sound performance. It has an ultra-comfortable narrow low-resilience urethane memory foam ear pads to create a tight seal around the ears and significantly reduce external sounds. These memory pads are finished in durable leather for better feel and extended comfort.

This headphones feature a moving headband and hinges composed of rugged yet lightweight magnesium alloy to withstand the rigors of extended professional use. Each earpiece swivels up to 45 degrees and can be flipped around 180 degrees for one ear listening. Furthermore, the included single-sided cable is detachable and can easily be replaced if damaged.

Check out this quick video that showcases the HDJ-1500:

You can pick between the deep silver and black chrome version and they come with a protective carrying pouch. Pioneer also made available various optional accessories like the HDJ-EP01, an open-cup protein leather ear pad and the HDJ-HC01, a lightweight carrying case.

The Pioneer HDJ-1500 is set for a May 2012 release with an expected price of $209. More information is available at Pioneer DJ USA.

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