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MusicMatch Jukebox was aquired by Yahoo! in 2004, which was then remade into Yahoo! Music Jukebox, However Yahoo! Music Jukebox was discontinued in 2008. - The download link above takes you to a page where you can download old versions.

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MMJB 10 on Windows 10 64bit works fine!

As described in the second post
(Musicmatch 10 W7 64-Bit Fix
Posted by Fearless on Thu, 12/31/2015 - 21:07.)

I made it work easily on my WIN10 64 bit.
I love it!

Thanks so much for this great help!

Does it display full screen

Does it display full screen album art on windows 10 for you ?

MMJB 10 on Windows 10 64bit works fine!

I tried it but the background album art don't work on windows 10 64 bit
not for me

Mine is working and I'm using WINDOWS 8.1 (2 pc) and WINDOWS 10

HI guys, so just coming back to this forum since I see that there are still people like me, who loves MusicMatch Jukebox and think its the best.

I have MM JB running on two computers which are both WINDOWS 8.1. "how?" you might ask. I had read one of the comments before (here as well) that they installed MMJB version 7.5 and then MMJB version 10 and IT DID REALLY WORKED. just don't be lazy and start asking for the the links. search it.

I now have windows 10 on a new laptop, and this procedure is no longer working. Thanks to Richards post, I got an idea to search for more topics that support his.

First I found this by BillTaylorXP:

that lead me to a working link, and steps to download by WarriorBill:

and thanks CONRAD SIMMONS and CARL for the keys for upgrading MM JB

Thanks to them I have a wokring MMJB10 on WINDOWS 10. And I hope they can also help you guys out there.

MusicMatch + Windows 10

Just a note to the posters here. I was able to install MusicMatch 10 and get it running smoothly on Windows 10 64-bit.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Musicmatch 10 W7 64-Bit Fix

Hello Musicmatch Fans and Enthusiasts!

It's a great pleasure to bring you some BIG & GREAT news. I have the SonicStage 4.3 ISO and I'm uploading it with some other goodies to my Drive as I'm typing this comment.

I'm a Musicmatch fan since the very first version of it, so it's really hard to just change to "another option" after all this time... but sadly after 6 years of great performance, I was in the need of format my gaming computer that has W7 Ultimate 64-Bit version, before the format, I had MMJB running pretty solid.

I did a fresh install of W7 Ultimate 64-Bit and its now updated to SP1 (I hate the Upgrade to W10 offer...) and I proceeded with installation of the rest of the software I need, everything went smooth... until I stumbled with all the problems to install MMJB 10... so I did some googling and found a lot of "possible fixes" and I tried all of them... ALL OF THEM!!! with no luck.

So, after like 30 tries and fails... I decided to install other music player... I don't like iTunes so I looked at my portable drive where I have some software and I grab the SonicStage 4.3 and installed it, everything works like a charm with it but still, SS is not MMJB... and then I recall this page where I see the comment from Richard and I was like, meh... lets try it...

To my surprise... it works smooth again and I'm gonna tell you how I'd installed everything, remember, this is for Windows 7 64-Bit, don't know if this works with any other (W8 - W10) 64-Bit version:

First go and clean/remove any MMJB traces... don't just uninstall it with the Program & Features from Windows, after that go and delete the folders from Program Files (x86) and the others located at C:\Users\******\AppData\Local and C:\Users\******\AppData\Roaming then you must restart Windows.

Now, go and open the SS4.3 ISO, at this point I'm assuming you know how to load an ISO, so lets move on and install it, reboot after the installation has finished.

Now, go and install the MMJB 10.004033 and wait for the installation to finish. I must tell you that I did not went into the compatibility tab nor marked to run it as an Administrator, I just double clicked the exe and wait for it to finish. I did not get any warning nor errors messages at this point, so I just restart my computer.

When I get back I double clicked again but this time on the shortcut from the desktop and MMJB 10 opens immediately. No Px.DLL errors or nothing like that, the program is running like a charm since a couple of hours with not a single problem.

So, is true, SonicStage somehow helps with some files for MMJB installation... but I don't know which ones or how, but doesn't really matters its working.

So, here is the link with all the files you need, these are the same I used and I added all the skins for MMJB v10 that I have in my portable backup drive.

Feel completely free to share with anyone in the need and spread the word of this solution.

MMJB on Windows 7 Prof 64bit

Hi Guys,

I've been struggling a while now to figure out why MMJB 10 is running on two of my Computers on Windows 7 Prof 64bit and why I cannot
get it to work on others with the same OS. I was always getting the "PX.DLL is missing error".
This afternoon i searched for this file on a machine which could runn MMJB. I found it and saw that this file was actually from a Company named "SONIC"
from which I had a piece of Software running of called "SonicStage". I used this to ransfer files from my MiniDisc Players to the Computer.
To make a Long Story short. I installed Sonic Stage on the machine I am setting up currently (which refused MMJB so far) and after that I installed MMJB 10
without any error Messages. I rebooted the machine and started MM without Problems. I did not try it yet but since I have it running on two machines already
I guess it will work on the third one also. The key to the Problem(s) seems to be this stupid "PX.DLL". If you get a proper one from another program MM should
run. Before I forget, of course I got the messages from Windows about compat-issue but I just ignored them and kept clicking run program.
The bad news is,that SonicStage is discontinued but at the Moment you can still find it here:

Hope this helps someone !?!


Thanks. Mine actually worked. and I'm using Windows 10

HI guys, so just coming back to this forum since I see that there are still people like me, who loves MusicMatch Jukebox and think its the best.

I have MM JB running on two computers which are both WINDOWS 8.1. "how?" you might ask. I had read one of the comments before (here as well) that they installed MMJB version 7.5 and then MMJB version 10 and IT DID REALLY WORKED. just don't be lazy and start asking for the the links. search it.

I now have windows 10 on a new laptop, and this procedure is no longer working. Thanks to Richards post, I got an idea to search for more topics that support his.

First I found this by BillTaylorXP:

that lead me to a working link, and steps to download by WarriorBill:

and thanks CONRAD SIMMONS and CARL for the keys for upgrading MM JB

Thanks to them I have a wokring MMJB10 on WINDOWS 10. And I hope they can also help you guys out there.

Hi Richard, I went to

Hi Richard,

I went to to try to download SonicStage but as it is not in English and the download button did not download it, I clicked on everything on the page that was clickable but could not find the download link. Could you point me in the right direction please?

Fans of MusicMatch Jukebox Forum

I see alot of you are still kicking it. I have Musicmatch working on a Win 7 Pro in XP mode. Tried all the alternatives without being even remotely satisfied. Media Monkey Premium is mediocre at best. I do revisit this topic every few months.

You can find all versions of MMJB at

I ran across this forum and I am sure they would value your inputs and opinions plus support. I personally do not understand why somebody has not made a version even close to similar. I did read however that Rapsody bought Yahoo Music so that is why I am assuming the yahoo version update is nowhere to be found. I might have it on an old thumb drive though.

Just posting here to try and get MMJB lovers all together. Please do join the forum and never give up~! There are over 1 million downloads listed on oldversion and there is power in numbers.
To the guy who said MusicMatch is dead. Waaawaaawaa. Go cry somewhere else. You are just too stupid to figure it out...

Works ok on Windows 8.1 64 bits

First of all, i have Windows 8.1 64 bits all you need to do is install fist this version of MMJB
With Windows XP svpk2 compatibility, restart pc and then install this version of MMJB
Same compatibility with svpk 2, restart pc, open mmjb if the program won't load, open task manager
and kill this process related to mmjb (Logging and tracing manager(32bits) and mim.exe.

Then open mmjb from the clock tray. And Vouela!!! Musicmatch running on Windows 8.1 64 bits.

Works on windows 10!!!

With this steps you can run on windows 10 x64 tested and running!!!

Getting Musicmatch 10 to recognize my CD drive...

I'm trying to find a way to get Musicmatch Jukebox 10 to recognize my CD drive so I can rip music. I'm able to run Musicmatch Jukebox 10 on my Windows 8.1 64 bit laptop but it doesn't recognize either the CD drive or the virtual CD drive. If anyone has a fix for this if they could e-mail me my email is Also if anyone has the Musicmatch 7.5 original skins I'd settle for that since 7.5 recognizes my virtual cd drive.

The Moon and Stars skin

All of my best memories making Mix CD's and just "playing DJ" with my friends was with Musicmatch. I miss it so much! Does anyone know which version was the one that had the purple and white "moon and stars" skin? I may try to download this on an XP machine, but I want to use the right version.

from music match to Media Monkey

I happened to find this page via an old bookmark link I had saved. I was once a die hard MusicMatch Jukebox fan. I hated the new interface when Yahoo acquired it, and couldn't stand to use iTunes. I've since come across, in my opinion, a better music player and library management software, Media Monkey. You guys should really check it out instead of going through the hassle of getting musicmatch working via XP virtualization.

P.S. I'm not associated with mediamonkey in any way, nor do I stand to profit or benefit in any way. I just really like their software and think former music match jukebox fans can benefit from it as well.

I'm currently trying

I'm currently trying MediaMonkey now and am not real crazy about it. I really miss Music Match before Yahoo and am already missing Media Juke Box from J River, but they removed the best feature of being able to right click and download album art from the internet. I'll no longer support the program after that, especially since in their documentation they still say you can do that, but you can't. I'm surprised I can't find anything out there I like as much. MediaMonkey is a very complex, confusing UI and it's difficult to distinguish the active song as the white blends in to the black background equally with the rest. A small thing, but irritating no less.

Original Disk for Musicmatch

Does anyone have the original disk for Musicmatch 9? I have seen a few comments on here that the installer on the original works on Windows 7 64 bit. I would really like to get a copy as I am desperate to get version 9 or 10 working.

Thanks in advance


I would like a copy as well

I would like a copy as well




OMG...when I downloaded this, and heard the wave file for MusicMatch play through my speakers, I was amazed...even better...songs that I had paid for many years ago are now playable! I thought I was never going to hear these again.

Thanks so very much! You have made me a really happy guy.

Is there a way to convert to MP3 so I can move/burn/play them somewhere else?

Win7 Ultimate 64 bit - Working

Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit
Musicmatch Jukebox Plus 10.00.4033
Windows Virtual PC and Windows XP mode

I installed MMJB successfully (supertagging, AutoDJ, EQ's all work fine). I have not tried the recorder function, but all my HDD's and DVD Burner are recognized. There may be a delay experienced when browsing the Library because Win 7 is first emulating Win XP, then operating MMJB in the XP environment. Whenever you want to run MMJB, it must be done using the Windows XP mode.

Here's what I did;
1. Upgrade from Win 7 Home Premium to Win 7 Ultimate using Windows Anytime Upgrade.
2. Install Windows Virtual PC and Windows XP mode (free from Microsoft:
3. Run Windows XP mode.
4. Install "musicmatch10.00.4033.exe" as normal.
5. Upgrade MMJB to MMJB Plus using my serial key.

I did NOT have to install any other version of MMJB first, nor install using any compatablity mode, nor create "work-around" shortcuts. Just a simple straight-forward install.

This is a just a fyi. Yes

This is a just a fyi.
Yes that sort of works.If you want to pay for the upgrade,and don't mind that your 5.1 won't work,and the program is glitchy as hell.
And Super tagging will not work in any method you use..The sites it used no longer exist.
With that said.I have MMJB working on Win 7 Ultimate which is 64 bit.All of it works except for the parts that connect to the internet.
I can make a play list and burn it from MMJB,works fine.Manualy edit the tags.If you have music that was in a working MMJB it will have all the tags and covers already..Just won't get newer ones.
For a brief time after Yahoo changed to their own jukebox from MMJB you could download it, install it,and then install MMJB 10 and it worked.The yahoo version installed the parts needed for MMJB to work on a 64 bit system.
When i got another computer with Win 7 Home Premium 64 bit I went to install MMJB.And couldn't.Yahoo,may they rest in hell,had discontinued their jukebox player,and had taken down all links to it.
At that point I made a full backup of my Win 7 Ultimate system.And continue to do so after any major updates or program install.
I've used the back up a couple of times and MMJB still works.
If you can find the Yahoo version you can get MMJB to run .I haven't had any luck doing that.If i were into programing and knew how to actually move a program and or it's settings to another computer,MMJB would work on other machines.But sadly I have no clue.
i have gotten MMJB 10 to work on 32 bit systems several times by changing all the .exe's to XP SP2 compatibility..

Yahoo A**Holes

I hope those A**Holes at Yahoo burn in hell for buying and F*&king up the best CD ripping, burning and labeling software ever made.

I had a lifetime license and was looking forward to many years of this great product.



Calm your face, person

Calm your face, person

MusicMatch 10

I have got mmjb 10 to work on windows 7 pro 64 bit without virtualization or using compatablity mode. I downloaded mmjb 7.5.3103 and installed. Its works fine and you could stop here and use it, but I prefer mmjb 10. I downloaded mmjb 10 ( if you already have a copy of mmjb 10, use it ) and installed it without deleting 7.5. After rebooting computer it works fine.

MusicMatch and Windows 8

Just wondering if any daring folks out there have tried installing MMJ on on Windows 8? If so what version 32 or 64 bit. I'm toying with the idea of building a new machine. Windows 7 has served me well but I am interested in the new OS and somewhere in the near future will be ready for a new machine, but Software compatibility is an issue and there still is no good replacement for Musicmatch.

MMJ on Win7 64 bit Works

OK I have not been here for a while, because like many others I just gave up trying to get MMJ to run on Win7 (64 bit). I found a few tricks for getting Windows media player and also for Jrivers media Juke box to do certain things, however none of these were really what I wanted. I came back here a few weeks ago and saw that two people had success with older versions of MMJ. I had tried this also but not with the right ones apparently. One person had installed ver 6 and upgraded all the way to version 8 and another said version 7.5 installs perfectly. This makes sense as these were the last of the in house versions. I have managed to install version 7.5 without a hitch. The only thing i did was to use compatibility mode for the installer. (WinXp Ser-pack 2) run as admin. Works great!. Now the Cd burning thing is not an issue because ther are much better burners and rippers out there. But for convenient and intuitive Library management and full screen album art as well as tagging wav files MMJ is still the best and after all this time I finally got it working again. Thanks to you die hards who kept trying and tripped over the solution we had all missed.


Thanks MMJ-Fan, I originally got MMJ to run on my W7 64 bit laptop using the Yahoo Music Jukebox way you described ages ago, been running it ever since version 10.004033, the bloated one I know but works fine with bruning and ripping. Also have it on a desktop W7 64 bit and another W7 32bit. The 32bit job was easy just upgraded from XP to Vista (warning it won't work however I immediatley upgrade to W7) changed compatibility to XP S2 and run as Admin and launch it. Eureka, it worked straight away.

Only problem encountered is, I have been tarnsferring heaps of vinyl records to my computer using EZ vinyl tape converter which uses ITunes to encoded them. I then use Audacity to clean them up. At first I found Musicmatch was stalling at certain points when updating the library. Then by chance I cleared the comments field and encoded by field in Audacity when saving the cleaned mp3 file and there were no more problems.

Heard that we will not get MMJ working in W8, but just bought a new laptop and my desktops are top grade so I don't intend upgrading the OS for at least 3 years.

Hope we hear from someone in that time who manages to get it working or a real replacement comes along

Anyway Thanks Again for your original tip

I'm a Musicmatch 7.5 fan and

I'm a Musicmatch 7.5 fan and have successfully installed it on XP (SP3) with IE7, Windows 7 (32 bit) and now Windows 8 (32 bit).
XP with IE7 was the only tricky one, but it installed just fine on Win7 and Win8. All features work just as before, from ripping to burning to changing tags, renaming etc. Windows kept telling me it wouldn't work, but it does!
Since there's no longer any support, my secret code that I paid $30 for 10 years ago for a lifetime of upgrades (ha ha) is no longer a secret, so if you get 7.5 installed and need to upgrade to MMJ Plus, use 19230-63108-3557A-0B180 - it doesn't go online to check.

MUSICMATCH FOREVER What a freaking joke that is! Mister MUSICMATCH IS DEAD! Don't download it, the interface is crap you cant even bring in a single song file with their interface.

Musicmatch forever (just dont use crappy ass windows 7).

The worse thing I ever did

The worse thing I ever did was to go to Windows 7 from XP. When you see "Home Premium" you think you were getting the works but you have to spend $139.00 more to get "XP virtualisation". Then none of my software worked and had to spend money for upgraded software, printers and scanners.. And the worse was Musicmatch did not work properly.

I can get it to work as a jukebox no problem. I can't get it to see my burner. I do not care for ripping as I have found an excellent program called Audigrabber for ripping that pretty well has all the same features as Musicmatch, but it is not a burner. I want Musicmatch for burning. I can get all the way to the burn mode showing the list of tracks to burn, but the "create CD" icon is whited out. I was able to copy from my XP and run set up from the Musicmatch file. If I run as admin, I get "the musicmatch software has been updated... and cannot get a burn list. If I open as "user" I can get a burn list.

Anyone know the fix to this?

I have Windows 7, IE8, Musicmatch 7.5


MMJB version 7.5 is best for Win 7

Stay away from Yahoo! powered versions of the app, as they are bloated and problematic. Your best bet is to use MMJB version 7.5, as it was the best one, prior to the Yahoo! acquisition. Read more at

Mp3's wont play

I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem. To start with, I've been using Music Match for about 11 or 12 years now, and I think its great. My problem is, if I create an MP3 Music Match wont play them. Windows Media player and iTunes will play them just fine, but Music Match won't. I've found a work-around. If I burn them to a CD, using Windows Media play, I can then rip the CD using Music Match, and then the MP3 works fine. Does anyone have any advise or thoughts on this? Thanks

mp3's won't play

I have a little program called Switch File Converter. You can convert any type of music file to mp3. I do this to all of my itunes downloads. This program just showed up on my computer with a suite of music tools. I think it came with an itunes upgrade a couple of years ago. Not sure!
If you have Switch File Converter, it puts an option on the context menu so you can right click on an itumes m4a file or a wma file and click convert with Switch File Converter.


When I try to burn a cd it tells me drive is not available. Is there anyway I can make MMJB find my drive for burning CDs?

Mine won't burn either

I got Windows 7 Pro to work with MM 7.5, but lo later version by clicking on the fie and choosing to set the compatibility to WindowsME, which is what I used before upgrading. I still can't get MM to burn CD's. The only go around is going into Windows Media Player and burning them that way. Is there a way to tell MM where the DVD burner is located?

Working in Windows 7 - 64bit

I just installed Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit. I got a copy of MusicMatch 7.5 from and ran the install file in Compatability Mode for XP sp2 and As Administrator and MM worked great. I then downloaded 8.2 and installed it (without uninstalling 7.5 don't know if it makes a difference) and that is also working great. Good luck. I know you wouldn't be looking here unles you thought that MM was/is the best jukebox/music file management software ever out there.

Additional info

I also was able to install 9.0 over the top of 8.2 just selecting XP sp2 comp mode and run as admin in the install file. I thought I'd press my luck and go for 10. Wah, wah, wah, wah... I reinstalled 9 with out unistall 10 and I'm good to go. Hope this helps.

i installed 7.5... it

i installed 7.5... it works... installed 8.2... it works... installed 9.0... got that Px.dll missing error :-(

musicmatch 10

i, too, can't get musicmatch 10 to work on windows 7 64 bit, tried everything that everyone suggested, but nothing worked... i tried just about every program out there and nothing compared to musicmatch, except one... Aimp ( )... it is a lot smaller than musicmatch and can do just about anything musicmatch can/did do, once you get used to it. I would really reccommend trying it... and the best thing is... it's FREE


I still have the disc for MMJB 9.0

Used the installer that came on the disk, and everything works fine. currently running windows 7 x64. Didnt have to run as admin or in compatibility mode either during install OR during use.

If anyone wants a copy of the disk, I will see what I can do.
email is

Like to get a copy of the MMJB 9.0 disk

Hi i had one but lost it when i move, have ben looking for one for a long time, If you could help me out that would be great. Just let me now.

No problem. I'll send it

No problem. I'll send it wednesday, since im out of town for a wedding now. Also, would appreciate contact by email, since im rarely on this site. Thanks!

MMJB on W7 Pro 64bit

I had windows 7 home premium 32bit running mmjb ver 10.without any problems. I have now upgraded my whole system to windows 7 professional 64 bit with an amd 6 core phenom II cpu and 16gb memory. I have installed mmjb 10 and it doesn't run. Have tried all the fixes posted on here but none work. I went back to the start and tried installing mmjb from the earliest version available which is 6. I have now got mmjb ver 7.5 installed and running perfect and entered my upgrade key and everything is working ok. It even installed without the warning from microsoft that the programme is not compatible with this version of windows. It's strange how some versions work and others don't.

Win 7 ent blk viper 'tweaked' setup

I'm using MM7.5.
Disable IE.
Configure services to Black viper's 'tweaked' setup. Disable automatic updates (you can download them selectively, and don't forget to make a restore point before doing ANY MICROSOFT UPDATES!).
Disable any automatic connections MM has to internet (lookup, updating, etc.).
In 'settings'
Disable mm as default player for everything other than mp3 and music cd's.
(You don't want it contacting any other program.)
ask before reclaiming media files.
Double click to add to playlist is o.k..
uncheck all 'downloading music files from web' boxes.
Uncheck all 'permission to communicate with MUSICMATCH server boxes
in 'Online music' tab check radio cache to 'inactive'
in 'CD lookup/connectivity' uncheck everything.
in 'Display' uncheck everything.
Seems to work fine.
Good luck.

Musicmatch 10 and earlier

Musicmatch 10 and earlier will work on Vista I know for sure. It also works on Xp. They key is NOT to upgrade from anything higher than Internet Explorer 7. I have 5 machines and at varying times have upgraded Internet Explorer except for one. In every instance, my MM 7 copy stopped working the minute I upgraded my IE to Internet Explorer to 8 and higher. Not sure what the hand shake was there telling Microsoft to screw over users of MM who paid for versions but they did.

disable IE and run mmjb 8.

disable IE and run mmjb 8. Runs great on windows 7.


Thought that the following may be interested to those reading this thread.

I am still running Windows XP, thus I am still running MMJB with no problems. I have a large music collection and use the DFX plug in for sound enhancement (hyperbass, and other). It produces the best music on my mediocre speakers ... in fact the sound quality is unbelievable. I then use the burner plus to burn mp3 onto a dvd with the sound enhancement processing and volume leveling. I then import into itunes and then onto my nano ipod.

DFX offers a sound processor for Itunes that is basically dysfunctional. So my procedure allows the transfer of real sound enhancement onto the ipod, which is otherwise not available.

How to stop MM JB from trying to connect to the Internet

What file or files can be changed to stop MMJB Plus version 10.33 from trying to connect to the Internet?
Or better yet. what can be done to correct this so it will connect to the Internet?

I reloaded my old version on my Win XP PC because I wanted to copy all my OLD LP's to the PC so I could burn CD's

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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