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Re: archiving software

: : I simply want a program that will detect the total size of a project, ie; 4.5 gbs, 3 gbs, ect. then tell me when to change cd-r/rw's while saving the entire project. Any suggestions?
: : Thanks, Ross


Thanks, Nick, I'll give it a try

archiving software

I simply want a program that will detect the total size of a project, ie; 4.5 gbs, 3 gbs, ect. then tell me when to change cd-r/rw's while saving the entire project. Any suggestions?
Thanks, Ross

Hey come to Los Reyes del Mambo en Fileshare 0.8 el programa [fr

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i need CD to MD software

im currently in Japan, and i just bought a md player, it came with a cd which had the program to download music from cd to md, i anyone knows where i can get an english version please let me know thanks.

recorded tracks are off beat

Hello I have magix generation 6 and I used their sound pools to record my music but, when I try to record my voice with the music the tracks are off beat. What am I doing wrong? Thank You.

CD-Extra disc creation

I am trying to make a CD-Extra cd that contains audio and data info. I have the audio portion the way I want it save as a .CDP file and as a .WAV file in CD Architect 5.0. How can I take this audio (including all the embedded PQ information) and import into Nero 5.5 to create a CD-Extra disc? If anyone know how I can do this let me know via e-mail at

CD Architect 5.0

I am trying to make a CD-Extra cd that contains audio and data info. I have the audio portion the way I want it save as a .CDP file and as a .WAV file in CD Architect 5.0. How can I take this audio (including all the embedded PQ information) and import into Nero 5.5 to create a CD-Extra disc? If anyone know how I can do this let me know via e-mail at

a mac editing software that I can get that works with DSS files

I have the Olympus DS-330 digital voice recorder which overall I like. I like to tape meetings but often some of the people are softspoken. When I put the files in my Mac computer often I can't hear well enough even with the volume for both the comuter and the program on it's highest.
Is there a mac editing software that I can get that works with DSS files that will enable me to boost the volume and clean up the sound?

wk2 samples


Hey, i have a sony minidisc MZ-N707 recorder and I was wondering if there is a recording program that works on Microsoft XP Home, so I could manipulate the songs I have recorded and then burn them to CD. Help!


<font color="#0000FF">: Hey, i have a sony minidisc MZ-N707 recorder and I was wondering if there is a recording program that works on Microsoft XP Home, so I could manipulate the songs I have recorded and then burn them to CD. Help!</font>

I don't know of a program that will edit audio on the
minidisc player itself, but I wouldn't want to do it
that way because of the fact that minidisc uses lossy
compressions so your audio quality will suffer.

I would recommend transferring your tracks to your PC
and editing them there instead, that way you won't
have any further loss of quality.


How do I transfer tracks from Minidisc to my PC?


: <font color="#0000FF">: Hey, i have a sony minidisc MZ-N707 recorder and I was wondering if there is a recording program that works on Microsoft XP Home, so I could manipulate the songs I have recorded and then burn them to CD. Help!</font>

: I don't know of a program that will edit audio on the
: minidisc player itself, but I wouldn't want to do it
: that way because of the fact that minidisc uses lossy
: compressions so your audio quality will suffer.

: I would recommend transferring your tracks to your PC
: and editing them there instead, that way you won't
: have any further loss of quality.

How can I transfer tracks from Minidisc to my PC?

MP3 search by genre

I am looking for a certain webpage that had a search by genre feature. I had found a mp3 music track i liked but cannot remember the name of the webpage. I have searched but no luck. If anyone has a list of mp3 sites (URLS) could you please email me or post thelinks here? Please help if you can.

audio to midi

can anyone tell me how to convert audio to midi using windows media player xp thanks :)

Re: audio to midi

: can anyone tell me how to convert audio to midi using windows media player xp thanks :)

what free softwere conventer wave to midi

Re: audio to midi

: : can anyone tell me how to convert audio to midi using windows media player 2000 thanks :)

: what free softwere conventer wave to midi

Which is the best Music Creation Software?

I just got a midi keyboard and I want to create my own compositions on the computer. I want to know which is a good software to let me create my own music on the computer. I have tried Fruity loops pro which I thought was pretty cool and I also have cakewalk. Can somebody suggest any other software which might be out there?

Re: Which is the best Music Creation Software?



Re: Which is the best Music Creation Software?

: I just got a midi keyboard and I want to create my own compositions on the computer. I want to know which is a good software to let me create my own music on the computer. I have tried Fruity loops pro which I thought was pretty cool and I also have cakewalk. Can somebody suggest any other software which might be out there?

yes try sound forge !! its good stuff!! acid also is very good U can find both of them at
good luck!!
the canuck!!


can i read or convert ASF file with machintosh

Re: asf

: can i read or convert ASF file with machintosh

ASFs are Windows Media files and can be played using MS's Windows Media Player. ;-) There is also a program called "ASF Converter" (available on various Web sites-- try a Google search) that will convert ASFs to Quicktime movies.

Sound input

Hello hope you can help. I recently obtained the music software cubase 4.0 for my G4 Mac. When i installed it on my desktop and tried to run the software a message alert came up saying " SOUND INPUT ERROR: NO ACTIVITY, AUDIO: COULDNT CREATE NATIVE AUDIO ENGINE. What does this mean i have a sound card when purchased the computer , i play music on the computer. Can you or anyone else help please let me know. Thanx.


Hi! I have an older yamaha dx21 keyboard hooked up via midi cables to my pc, I am using it with fruity loops, the signal lags to where you can't play along, anyone know how to remedy this?

Download flp files

Download flp files

This popular thread has been given its own page : Download flp files



This popular thread has been given its own page : CASIO HT 3000

Game port disabled

My system board is a biostar M6TEA. When I start my computer a message appear in the black screen, it says "game port disabled". I cant use a joystick...what can I do to enable the gameport?...please help me!!! e-mail is

Re: Game port disabled

You probably have to go into your BIOS to enable the joystick port.
Different boards have different ways of doing this.
If you have Award bios then you simply press 'delete' as the computer boots will say somewhere on the screen what keys to press usually.
Where the option to enable the port is...thats up to you to find out :)
Just be careful not to adjust ANYTHING else!

Re: Game port disabled ...HEY NICK!!!(award bios...)

Tahnk U nick but i have one more´re has award bios...and in the screen when I enter to the bios just appear something like this:

Standard Cmos Features
Bios Features Setup
Chipset Features Setup
Power Managent Setup
PCI/PCI configuration
Load Setup Defaults

Integrated Peripherals
Supervisor password
User Password
IDE HDD Auto Detection
Save & Exit
Exit without saving

Can u tell me please what else I have to do?
P.D. I am not sure where to go...bios features setup?...PCI/PCI configuration or what?...Please help me Nick!!!

Re: Game port disabled ...HEY NICK!!!(award bios...)

You will most probably find it in
'Intergrated peripherals'

Try looking in things like 'onboard PCI device'
etc...just have a look around...don't be cannot damage anything if you are just use 'page up' and 'page down' to change settings


Hi everybody,

I have sequenced songs in a Yamaha SY85, THEY ARE .G01 and I need a software that will convert them to midi so I can play them in my Va-7 from Roland, Is this going to be to much trouble, If you can give me any information I greately appreciate it.

Thank you very much



A Story on the Nonchalance&Profites connection...

A Story on the Nonchalance&Profites connection...

- What are you thinking about the Alliance of
FRANCO-PERON-BERLUSCONI-Z.O.G. Fascioregimes?.. - It's a dirty
alliance de nonchalance, barbarity, mass-weakness".. I have a radio interview
on this subject... It called, Middle East and Northern Africa in the beginning
of 2000
- Tell us, it; please, Raanan Rein! - In the Shadow of the Holocaust and
the Inquisition: Israel's Relations with Francoist Spain. Translated by Martha
Grenzeback. Portland, Oreg.: Frank Cass. 1997. Pp. 278. $42.50. This book
deals with Israel's relations with Spain from May 1948 to January 1986, when the
two countries finally exchanged ambassadors and recognized each other de jure.
Raanan Rein handles the archives of Britain, USrael, Spain, and the United
States with ease. Throughout the book, he uses Spanish and Israeli press
accounts to fill the lacunae in available archives. This work is an impressive
sequel to his first book, The Franco-Peron Alliance: Relations Between Spain and
Argentina, 1946–1955 (1993). The incredibly long delay in formal relations
resulted at first from the legacy of the 1930s. Under the British mandate of
Palestine, many Jews in the dominant Socialist Party had opposed General
Francisco Franco's Nationalists and favored the Spanish Republic and the
Comintern during the Spanish Civil War. Rein cites an Israeli source that 4,000
to 8,000 Jewish volunteers served in the International Brigades (p. 65), figures
that seem rather low to him. Many Jews would overlook neither Franco's
friendship with the Axis, nor the pro-fascist rhetoric of his Falange Party, nor
his aid to Adolf Hitler in attacking the USSR in June 1941. When Israel obtained
its independence in May 1948, the isolated Spanish dictator Franco would have
gladly granted recognition, but Israel was not ready to ask. With sharp memories
of the fascist era, Israel did not even seek recognition from Spain until late
1955, not long before the 1956 Suez crisis. By then, Franco rejected the Israeli
request. The Spanish dictator had a long-standing pro-Arab and
relatively liberal colonial policy, which dated from his years of service in
Spanish Morocco and use of Moroccans to help win the Civil War. After 1947,
Franco pursued a pro-Islamic policy aimed at persuading France to admit him back
into the family of nations. In general, the Arab states had been the first group
(except for the Latin American states) to ignore Spain's pariah status as a
one-time Axis ally. The Arab-Jewish wars, especially Suez in 1956,
repelled Francoist Spain. The Falangist press welcomed Egyptian Gamal Abdel
Nasser's Middle East ambitions. Franco's Foreign Minister Gregorio López Bravo
(1970–1973) later improved relations with Moscow and the Warsaw Treaty
Organization, but not with Israel. Despite the strong
anti-fascist opinions in Israel, the realistic Rein sympathizes with those
Israeli foreign ministry officials who favored an early exchange of ambassadors
between Madrid and Tel Aviv. Support for Spanish-Israeli ties was strong among
Sephardic Jews who spoke a form of Spanish known as Ladino since 1492, when the
Inquisition expelled Jews from Spain. The Franco-assisted Sephardim were more
willing to reopen negotiations with the reactionary Spanish government than the
East European Jews. In 1950, 2,500 Jews lived in Spain, which by Franco's death
in 1975 had increased to 11,000 (pp. 204, 209). This statistic shows defection
from the Zionist program to encourage all Jews to emigrate to the land of
Israel. The death of Franco in November 1975 did not lessen
Spain's tension with the Israeli government, which had conquered Palestinian
territories and East Jerusalem in 1967. The new democratic but conservative
Spanish Prime Minister Adolfo Suárez was the first European statesman to invite
Yasser Arafat, head of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), to visit
Spain officially, in 1979. Next, Israel's invasion of Lebanon in 1982 ended
lengthy informal talks with Spain about mutual normalization of relations. After
joining the European Community (EC) and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization
(NATO) in 1986, however, Spain could no longer delay full diplomatic de jure
recognition of Israel. Spanish Socialist Prime Minister Felipe González made the
final decision to establish ties over objections from Arab states.
The one weakness of Rein's work is its length. This book could have been
shortened by cutting some details of the years of internal debate within the
Israeli Foreign Ministry over how to approach Spain informally. The pros and
cons of delaying or speeding up mutual recognition seem less relevant in light
of the friendly relations the two countries enjoy today. **
- I understand, history continues by other barbarians like Croatia, Turkia etc.
- Do we continue wirh the related subjects like Israel and Croatia Enhance Ties
- Meeting between FM Levy and Deputy PM of Croatia?
- Of course, welcome!
- I'll reply my radio talks, first time was on August 1, 2000 Shortly, I said;
in a meeting which took place (in same day, August 1) in Qudüs between Foreign
Minister David Levy and a high-level Croatian delegation headed by the Deputy
Prime Minister Dr. Goran Granic, it was agreed that teams of the two Foreign
Ministries will meet in the near future to identify areas of mutual interest for
cooperation, and to outline a plan for advancing such cooperation.
The first action of the team will be to formulate an agreement for visa
exemptions between the two countries. The joint team of the Foreign Ministries
will serve as a liaison body for the promotion of tourism and cooperation in the
fields of technology, academia and research.
At the beginning of their meeting, Foreign Minister Levy welcomed the new
direction of the Croatian government, which Israel has been following with
encouragement and hope. Levy emphasized that the declarations of the present
Croatian government regarding Croatian history and the fascist policy of the
Ustase regime during World War II period have been welcomed in Israel, and that
Israel and Croatia are working together to ensure that the horrors of
antisemitism and fascism do not recur.
Minister Levy and his guest signed an economic-commercial agreement and an
agreement for the protection of investments between the two countries. At the
end of the meeting, the Croatian delegation which included the Foreign Minister,
the Defense Minister and the Finance Minister, invited Minister Levy to visit
Zagreb. ** - Viewer comments in
January 1994 subject is "Hindu Fascists Seek Ties With Israel and Its U.S. Lobby
- Do you tell here, shortly?
`- With pleasure!.. The Hindutva movement appears to be gaining momentum
throughout India, and spilling over its borders. Like a contagious disease, this
form of religious fanaticism is spreading even among expatriate Hindus, who
increasingly are putting their financial power at the service of Hindutva
forces. This includes a segment–a minority so far–of America's
estimated 800,000 Hindus. Organizations such as the Overseas Friends of the
Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), the U.S. chapter of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak
Sangh (RSS), the Vishwa Hindu Parishad of America (VHP–World Hindu Council), and
the Friends of India Society International (FISI) are lobbying in and around
Capitol Hill in support of ideas considered both fanatical and fascistic by many
supporters of secular government in India.
Shekhar Tiwari, in charge of congressional relations activity for the FISI, told
the Washington Report that his and allied groups are latecomers on the lobbying
scene. Nevertheless, the BJP-RSS-VHP public relations skills were evident during
the visit of former BJP President Murli Manohar Joshi.
According to India Abroad, during Joshi's August visit American supporters
arranged a meeting with State Department, Pentagon and Indian Embassy officials,
as well as analysts from the Center for Strategic and International Studies,
Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Studies, and the Institute of
National Strategic Studies. The meeting, which was closed to the media at the
request of Joshi's supporters, was intended to dispel the "myth" that the BJP
was a right-wing Hindu fascist party.
The radicals are attempting to overcome their late entry into the influence game
in Washington by developing ties with its most experienced and powerful
advocates of foreign aid and a foreign country, the Israel lobby. This follows a
number of incidents over the past few years linking Israel or its American
supporters to developments in India which have given impetus to the conclusion
by Hindu extremists that USrael is the key to the Washington door.
One such development was the report of alleged Israeli intelligence agents being
spotted in war-torn Kashmir. Israel denied the charges and said the Israelis
temporarily detained in Kashmir by Indian authorities were tourists or
In the summer of 1992, while I was in Kerala on India's southwestern coast,
there were reports from credible sources that Israelis were seen in the state
meeting with BJP and RSS officials. This was immediately before the worst
communal riots in the state since the Moplah rebellion of 1921 (a Muslim-led
farm workers rebellion against upper caste Hindu, Christian and Muslim
Prior to the 1992 clashes, Kerala had been a model of communal harmony, even
though it is one of the most religiously diverse Indian states with a population
that is 60 percent Hindu, 20 percent Muslim and 20 percent Christian. Kerala's
former thriving Jewish community has emigrated en masse, largely to Israel, and
now numbers only 22 persons.
Early last year, the Federation of Assemblies of Muslim Youth of Sri Lanka wrote
a letter to Indian Prime Minister P.V. Narasimha Rao linking the rise in
anti-Muslim sentiments in India with the resumption of relations with Israel.
The letter stated that in Sri Lanka "the first major communal clash between the
[island nation's] Muslims and Tamils occurred within a year" of the opening of
an Israeli interests section in the U.S. Embassy in Colombo. The section was
subsequently ordered closed by the late President Ranasinghe Premadasa. The
Federation urged Rao to take the same action in regard to Israeli representation
in India.
All this may be the result of nothing more than conjecture. But reports indicate
that BJP-RSS-VHP supporters in the U.S. would like to see a Zionist-Hindu
alliance and are striving hard to develop it. The extremist leaders seem to have
intensified their new courtship right after India established full diplomatic
relations with Israel in January 1992.
The Hindu-chauvinist BJP, RSS, VHP and the Shiv Sena (Army of Shiva, the Hindu
god of destruction) are the main groups which orchestrated the destruction of
the Babri Masjid (Ayodhya Mosque) and the subsequent massacres of Muslims in
Bombay and elsewhere in India. The same groups also welcomed and celebrated
Jewish Foreign Minister Shimon Peres' visit to India on May 17, 1993, and the
closer ties with Israel which ensued. The Peres group was the highest-ranking
Israeli delegation ever to visit India.
Among leading Indian media reporting attempts by BJP-RSS-VHP leaders to get
closer both to Israel and to the Zionist lobby in Washington is The Times of
India. A Washington, DC report in its Aug. 1, 1993 edition noted that although
the extent of such efforts cannot be documented, "what nevertheless remains a
fact is the persistent lobbying by Sangh Parivar supporters here."
Such efforts by the Hindu fascists are ironic. The leading mind and former chair
of the Hindu extremist RSS, the late Guru M.S. Golwalkar, in his now-famous work
Our Nationhood, wrote of his admiration for Adolf Hitler and suggested that the
"race purification" carried out by Hitler was a perfect example to be followed
by Hindu nationalists in dealing with India's claimed 150 million Muslims as
well as its Christians, Sikhs, Buddhists and other minorities, all of whom
should be denied even basic citizens' rights.
Access to U.S. Policymakers
The BJP-RSS-VHP supporters in the U.S., whom many believe are providing a
significant percentage of the financing required by the fascists in India, now
have undertaken another task on behalf of those extremists. This is to obtain
access to U.S. policymakers in order to ensure that they do not undermine the
campaign of Hindu chauvinists to come to power in New Delhi.
The latest attempt to gain legitimacy was through the Global Vision 2000
conference held last Aug. 6 to 8 in Washington, DC. The aim was to gain
acceptance of the World Hindu Council (VHP) in North America, even though it is
banned in India.
The Washington effort was unsuccessful in appealing to the broader Hindu and
non-Hindu Indian community in the U.S. (which numbers more than one million),
according to Thomas Abraham, founder and former president of the New York based
National Federation of Indian Associations. "They used the name of Swami Vivekan
and, who has broad appeal, but the conference catered to the membership of the
BJP-RSS-VHP," he told the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs.
Prominent leaders from India who took part included VHP President Ashok Singhal,
RSS leader K.C. Sudarshan, Murli Manohar Joshi and Uma Bharati, a fiery female
leader. Singhal was quoted in the Aug. 31, 1993 issue of India Today as
predicting that "America will realize with this program that Hindutva has
asserted itself and now there is no force that can stop it.''
The BJP-RSS-VHP leaders in the U.S. make no secret of their admiration for the
influential position enjoyed by Israel's supporters in the United States and
their desires to make use of it. "The Jewish lobby has a great understanding of
the political process in the U.S.," according to Tiwari, of the Denver-based
FISI, which supports the radical groups in India. "They have been very favorable
to India's interests."
FISI evolved from the Indians for Democracy Movement (IDM), formed in response
to Prime Minister Indira Gandhi's emergency rule in 1975. Tiwari told the
Washington Report that "our efforts at lobbying are new and weak so we seek
guidance from the Jewish lobby and they have helped us whenever they can."
In its Aug. 1 article, The Times of India reported that Hindutva leaders also
have met both with Clinton administration officials and with Zionist leaders to
bring about a favorable attitude toward the rising Hindutva tide in India. ''It
is a known practice that whenever senior BJP leaders visit the U.S.," The Times
of India reported, "meetings are scheduled with Jewish groups . . . experts from
prestigious think tanks such as the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
and, if possible, State Department officials."
The Hindutva supporters probably also were encouraged by Shimon Peres' statement
during his May visit that Israel supports India on the Kashmir issue and that it
would support any moves by the U.S. to declare Pakistan a terrorist state. In
return, Peres said, he expects India to vote differently in the international
arena on issues affecting Israel. This latter statement was in reference to the
fact that India has been a consistent supporter of many Organization of Islamic
Conference (OIC) positions in various international arenas.
Israel and its supporters obviously view the extremists' attempts to befriend
them positively, since this is a shift from the position generally held by
Indians since the days of Mohandas K. Gandhi. Gandhi said that "Palestine
belongs to the Arabs in the same sense that England belongs to the English."
"Gandhi on Zionism"
He stated unequivocally that it was "wrong and inhuman to impose the Jews on the
Arabs. What is going on in Palestine today cannot be justified by any moral code
of conduct." Gandhi bluntly described the idea of handing over Palestine to the
Jews as a "crime against humanity." The champion of nonviolence also stated that
"according to the accepted canons of right and wrong, nothing can be said
against the Arab resistance in the face of overwhelming odds."
Much of this seems forgotten by Hindu extremists in their rush to capitalize on
Israeli influence in Washington by promising Israel economic and military as
well as political benefits if they come to power in New Delhi. The Indian media
is full of statements by BJP officials questioning why India is sacrificing a
"beneficial relationship with Israel for fear of a few Arab despots."
Some analysts note that such Hindu extremists believe that they can make such
statements with impunity because no matter how close India gets to Israel, there
will be no reaction from most Arab and Muslim states. The Indian government
realizes, however, that India benefits far more from its present broad ties with
the Muslim world than it can ever benefit from supporting Israel.
There are hundreds of thousands of Indians working in the Middle East and
providing India with billions of dollars in direct remittances. Their acceptance
as trusted employees at all levels in Middle East states also eases the dismal
employment situation at home.
According to the Institute of Development Studies in Trivandrum, the capital of
Kerala, the direct benefit to Kerala alone from its more than 150,000 workers in
the Gulf amounts to 25 percent of its GDP. The Muslim world also has provided an
open market for Indian exports–from agricultural produce to manufactured goods.
Commenting on the increased media attention focused on their lobbying
initiatives, Tiwari says that "Our efforts are only attracting attention because
of the growing perception that the BJP will come to power in the next election."
Such attention, however, appears to be well deserved. Many India-watchers
believe that if the BJP came to power at the national level, the pluralistic
society of India as it exists today would soon be relegated to the realm of
vanished "golden ages" in the subcontinent's long and colorful past.
** - Viewer commments about the Zion & Satanist Alliance is a way
in the semitical traditions?.. - We shall discuss on this subject... Anton La
Vey is the "Godfather" of these perverse typs- His "real" last name is Levy.
Founder of the Church of Satan, author and organist. Played the devil in the
movie "Rosemary's Baby". **
- What is your duty? Why you react to nonsense mass?
- I see the difference, this is the difference why I react!
- What means?
- Remember, there's a big difference between kneeling down and bending over.
- mean?
- Frank Zappa!

- What are you thinking on the Arabesque profites' connection? - It's the
typical Arabesque sheik model "conscious nonsense for own profits"... -
Viewer comments on the JORDANIAN ARMY ATTACKS DEMONSTRATORS on Oct.6, 2000
- Let's listen!
MID-EAST REALITIES - www.MiddleEast.Org - Washington - published on 10 June
- Okay!.. Read it, please! - Repression has always been a hallmark of
the Hashemite regime in Amman. Installed by the British in the 1920s - it is a
regime that has always marched to the drumbeat of the Western countries that
financed it, armed it, and kept it in power. Secret agreements between King
Abdullah and the Zionist movement made it possible for a Jewish State to become
reality a few decades later. And the current King, as his father before him, has
been working very closely with the Americans and Israelis to bring about the
"apartheid peace" which would further divide and control the Palestinians and
thus at the same time help keep the Hashemite clan on the throne across the
river in Amman. Those interested in the detailed early history of all this can
refer to COLLUSION ACROSS THE JORDAN by Prof. Avi Schlaim, even though since
writing the book there has also been some collusion between the author and his
Reports keep coming in that Barak's promises to "restrain" his army were little
more than public relations ploys for the cameras. The Palestinian areas have
been "sealed", at least until Monday. What this essentially means is that
Palestinians are kept on their "reservations" even more than usual. Jerusalem
has been closed to Palestinians trying to get there for Friday prays. And from
Deheishe camp near Bethehem comes a report that Israeli snipers -- essentially
high-tech "death squads" -- are even more active than usual.
The more detailed eyewitness report that follows is from Amman. While our
approach and terminology differ from that of the author we believe it vitally
important to let dedicated and thoughtful people present their views in their
own words through their own experiences. In this case what is happening in Amman
and other Arab capitals is a very important part of the overall "peace process",
and this article is particularly insightful. For past articles about Jordan and
the Hashemites use the MER search capability at

(Deheishe Refugee Camp near Bethlehem - by Muna Hamzeh-Muhaisen - 5 Oct):
Israeli snipers stationed in an uninhabited 7-storey building near the Beit Jala
Tunnel shot two Palestinians from Dheisheh as they were standing by the side of
the road. No other people were around and nothing was hapenning in the area.
Neither young Palestinian was armed.
Mustafa Farajeh, 22, was shot twice in the chest with high-velocity bullets and
in the right arm. He died of his wounds. His photo on TV - broadcast just now -
is really horrific. His arm is cut wide open and you
can see the bone and it is all charred. One of the bullets in his chest is quite
The other person shot is...Akram Shafout,21, and he is in critical condition
with a shot in the chest.
Bethlehem TV is broadcasting warnings to residents of the Bethlehem area to stay
away from the Rachel Tomb area and away from all areas in the district where
there is close contact with Israelis. The reason is that Israeli army snipers
and Israeli undercover units have heavily spread on numerous
rooftops...apparently ready to kill
more people tonight. Some local correspondents have been predicting a bad day
for Bethlehem today, with one radio reporter saying this morning that the
Israelis will commit a massacre in Bethlehem tonight following the shooting
death of one Israeli soldier in Beit Sahour a few nights ago, plus the injury of
nine soldiers during armed clashes in Beit Sahour a few days ago and in
Bethlehem last night. Young guys are walking around the camp with loudspeakers
announcing the death of Mustafa Fararjeh. Hundreds of people are at the Beit
Jala Government Hospital waiting to hear news of Akram Shafout's condition. And
just now on Bethlehem TV, armed clashes just erupted in Beit Sahour.
- Ibrahim Alloush telling on the ARAB REGIME OPPRESSION REARS ITS UGLY HEAD -
AMMAN 10/05/00: This evening in Amman I witnessed Jordanian security forces
intercept and savagely attack demonstrators headed for the Zionist embassy in
al Rabiyeh. Tear gas was used by anti-riot police, and the demonstrators
responded with stones. Several women were clubbed ferociously on the
face. Security was swinging clubs indiscriminantly at the
demonstrators who scattered then regrouped at a distance and started
chanting: "Why? Why are you protecting the Zionists? Why?"
Several thousand demonstrators departed from the compound of the Union
of Professional Associations in Amman towards the Zionist Embassy after
getting frustrated with the tendency of opposition leaders to just
talk, talk, and the talk some more about the crimes being committed by
Zionists in Palestine. At the end of the rally, a well-known Jordanian
Islamic opposition figure announced from behind the microphone that the
rally was all there is to the protest, as if to dissociate himself from
the crowd that was breaking out of the compound towards the enemy's
Throughout the boring speeches, including one by a former prime
minister, the audience was steadily growing restless. A Myriad of
groups would interrupt the speeches with chanting calling for an
immediate closure of the Zionist embassy in al Rabiyeh, Amman. They
would say: "No embassy, no ambassadors! Al Rabiyeh needs to be
liberated, from Zionist filth!".
Then these groups got together and broke out towards the street. Most
of the rest of the attendants of the rally followed. Few hundreds
turned into few thousands and people passing by started joining. The
chants indicated that the protesters were rank and file Islamists,
nationalists, leftists, and others who were disillusioned with the
flimsiness of the official opposition. There were also supporters of
Hamas, Fateh, and everything else one can imagine.
As the demonstration tried to turn right towards the al Rabiyeh, where
the enemy embassy is located, it was blocked by the security apparatus
at each turn. Hence, the demonstration kept going down the road until
the road ended and there was no choice but to turn either right or
left. At that point the demonstrators formed an arrowhead and flew
like a magic carpet through the blocks and the chain that security had
formed. Two or three hundred just ran up across the block to the
dismay of the forces of oppression. Maybe less than two minutes later,
before the rest of the demonstration had had the chance to team up with
the two or three hundred in the front, massive reinforcements in
armored vehicles sped ahead of the demonstrators, intercepted them at
the front, blocked them from the rest of the demonstration at the back,
then turned on them like junkyard dogs. Only a trickle from the body
of the demonstration managed to get through.
With the exception of Laith Shubeilat there was not a single opposition
leader in the fray. In fact, his wife was clubbed on the face.
Members of a leftist student group who were carrying a huge red flag
with two photos of Ernesto Che Guevara in the middle were beaten
savagely. Supporters of Hamas were chanting Allahu Akbar (God is
Greater!). One of them was screaming at the security because they were
beating up a pregnant housewife who had joined the demonstration. They
responded by turning on him.
In fact, I did not see the pregnant woman getting beaten, because one
can hardly see everything when one is thrashed sideways on the
sidewalk, but I did see the man screaming at security for beating the
pregnant woman, and I did see several people limping, including many
women and children, and helped carry one of the wounded outside the
area. To be fair though, while the wounded man I clasped was still
sitting on the ground holding his head, an officer came for us again,
swaying a club. But when people screamed: "A wounded man, a wounded
man.", the officer simply stepped over us to go for somebody else. In
the meantime, several veiled women who were cornered in the entrance of
a building were screaming and protesting their heads off. One of the
bizarre things that happened while this was going on was how a petite
woman demonstrator started eating a piece of chocolate when one of the
security hound dogs came for her. He raised his club, but she said
very calmly: "Look, I have a very low blood-sugar level, and if you
beat me now, I might faint..". Dumfounded, he left her alone, and so
she strolled back slowly in the midst of the battlefield towards
In short, Jordanian security forces are oppressing Jordanians and
Palestinians violently when they do more than talk, or more than walk
in the designated areas already agreed upon with opposition leaders
aspiring for a ministerial position or an important government post.
Yesterday, a demonstration of about one thousand few hundred departed
from the University of Jordan towards the Zionist embassy. That one
was also intercepted, blocked, and diverted at the Athletic City
Circle. Also yesterday, groups of about one hundred and fifty middle
schoolers managed to make it to the Zionist embassy just close enough
to hurl a few good stones at it. Those kids were savagely assaulted.
Several of them were hospitalized for wounds and broken bones,
especially in the arms they used to hurl the stones. Those among them
checked into hospitals are: Mayce Shawaheen, Raja'ee Shawaheen,
Muhammad Omar, Sahhel Soueiffan, Ali Beni Hani, Oulla Al'a Eddin, Jawad
El Moussa, Noor Eddin Hassan, Mohammad Abou Hudaib, Mohammad Ssyakhi,
and Mohammad Friej. All in all, these add up to just eleven young
heroes to shame Arab leaders.
The saga was repeated earlier today too as a group of High Schoolers
and University students tried to sneak it to the Zionist Embassy, but
actually could not. Those were just clubbed on the arms and the legs.
A participant in that demo was holding her left elbow as she came to
the evening rally (that turned later into a spontaneous demo), and by
the time that was finished, she was also limping. In that state, she
joined the few hundred who went back to the Union of Professional
Associations to chant protests against the all-bark-no-bite, lame-tame,
wishy-washy, and yellow-mellow speakers at the rally held there
earlier, but those 'nice guys' already gone home! The wounded man I
had helped refused to go to the hospital choosing instead to dizzily
join the aforementioned protest.
The way I see it, there are two mighty barriers between Zionists and
the Arab masses: one is the Arab regimes, and two is the second defense
line made up of opportunistic opposition leaders and intellectuals who
spew out great anti-Zionist rhetoric, but who take the wrong stand on
the issues, abort mass-movements, and cut secret deals behind the
scenes, all in the name of flexibility, "realism", and whatever.
To annihilate the Zionists, which can be easily done if we can bypass
the two barriers delineated above, we need to find ways to bypass Arab
regimes and the opportunists among us.. which can also be done, even
though not necessarily as easily. [Just in case I'm misunderstood,
note that 'bypass' is not necessarily the same thing as breaking things
*** 2000 Non-democratic brains of Arab-despotics can not
react against fascism... Israeli Rule over Palestinians is Fascist
by Grover Furr
Originally published in The Montclarion, student newspaper at Montclair State
College (now University), Thursday, May 5, 1988, p. 13.
To the editor:
Professor Edward Aronow's letter of April 21 on Israeli treatment of
Palestinians is so filled with error and distortion that one short response can
only begin to correct it.
Israeli rule over Palestinians is essentially fascist. The Israeli army assault
on the West Bank town of Beita in the wake of the death of an Israeli teenager
can only be described as a pogrom -- brutal, murderous assault such as the
Tsarist police and the Nazis committed against Jews.
Killing persons armed only with stones or "trying to flee" - - including
numerous Palestinian teenagers -- collective punishment, beatings, imprisonment
without trail for indefinite periods, deportations -- this is fascist
repression, akin to Nazi terrorism.
The lesson of World War II -- especially of the Nazi holocaust -- is that
fascism cannot be fought with "moderation." Mass Palestinian protests, including
violent protests, must be welcomed, and supported by all those who oppose
injustice. Pacifist and "non-violent" protest would be morally irresponsible,
since they can never succeed against fascist oppression, but only lead to the
unnecessary deaths of many protesters.
Terrorist assassinations, whether by the Palestinian Liberation Organization
(PLO), or the far more numerous acts of terrorist murder by the Israeli army and
settlers, must be condemned. However, Israel is far more guilty in this regard,
quantitatively, than the PLO.
About 10 times the number of Palestinians have been murdered by Israel than the
number of Israelis murdered by PLO terrorists. Yet Israeli terrorist repression
against Palestinians is termed `retaliation" or "assassination" in the US media!
Israeli fascist brutalities follow a long history of working with some of the
worst fascists on earth, including South Africa, Iran, Turkey, and Argentina.
Israel is a major supplier of arms and military advisors to South Africa.
Israeli advisors helped train the Iranian Secret Police under the fascist Shah
in torture techniques. Today Israel is the major arms supplier to Khomeini's
One need not look far to find the roots of Israeli terrorism and fascism. Take
Israeli Prime Minister Yitzak Shamir. Before World War II he belonged to a
Zionist grouplet that, in 1940, offered to enter the war on the side of Nazi
Germany if the Nazis would permit a Zionist state, run along fascist lines, in
Palestine. Shamir personally planned the 1948 terrorist murder of Count Folke
Bernadotte, the UN Special Mediator for Palestine.
During the war, the major Zionist leaders collaborated with Adolf Eichmann to
send half a million Hungarian Jews to their deaths in Nazi extermination camps,
in return for the Nazis letter 1500 or so Zionists emigrate to Palestine -- a
fact long since documented by Zionist writers. Such is the "love" of the Zionist
leaders for "their own people"!
The root problem is racism and its twin, nationalism. Israeli law claims that
any Jew, anywhere in the world, has a right to full Israeli citizenship, while
Arabic-speaking Palestinians have no such right even if they were born and have
lived all their lives on the territory now comprising Israel. This is an
inherently racist policy. Fascist racism is built into the very existence of the
Israeli state.
It is in the interest of Israeli rulers to foment as much hatred between Jews
and Palestinians as they can. Israel's economy depends heavily upon the
exploitation of very cheap Palestinian labor, just as South Africa's does on
Black labor.
Israeli Jewish workers are very militant; relative to population;there are more
work-days lost to strikes in Israel than in any country in the world. Racism and
nationalism are the main things keeping Jewish and non- Jewish workers from
allying with one another.
At all costs, Israeli bosses must prevent this, while keeping the
super-exploited Palestinian workers nearby and without rights. The parallel with
South Africa -- or with American treatment of "illegal aliens" and minorities --
is unmistakable.
Incidentally, there are not "dozens of Arab states," as Professor Aranow,
following the Israeli government propaganda line, says. There is one major Arab
state, Saudi Arabia, and several minor ones on that peninsula. There are many
Arabic-speaking states, just as there are many countries besides England where
English is spoken. There is no "Palestinian state" in Jordan. Here Professor
Aranow simply parrots Israeli disinformation. Like USrael, the Moslem,
Arabic-speaking states are also undemocratic, elite-run dungeons. In light of
Israeli terror, however, Professor Aranow's prattle about the need to "await
greater Arab political maturity" is racist nonsense. ***

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Sweet chariot swing low, music of the dataflow

Ultimately, the previous post highlights how too much information is analogous to noise. This is true for our ears as well. Sometimes it is described as being "ear fatigue". In other words, the more complex and dense the information, the more it approximates white noise. We all know how annoying white noise can be.

Even I would admit that the political post has little to do with Nevertheless, it highlights the peculiar nature of the flow of information, and how the sanctioning of media formats (audio, visual, text) interacts with political consciousness.

This is why music will always be inherently political. Music is a stream of data.

There is always somebody or something hiding in every data flow.

Re: A Story on the Nonchalance&Profites connection...

You seriously expect everyone to read that??? It's 25 A4 pages long... a run in on what it's all about and why might have been a good plan..

This place gets ALL the spam... :(


manipulate midi files

Hi. I'm a newbie. I have a Yamaha EZ30 and what I'd like to do is manipulate a midi file so that It will be played back so I can learn it on the keyboard. The midi files that I load onto to the keyboard play the wrong parts. So what I need is some software to play the parts I want on the channels I want. Could someone please recommend whatever program I need?

Re: manipulate midi files

Most audio/midi sequencers will 'import' a midi file and split it into it's component tracks. You can then assign the midi channel outputs to whatever number you want.

You'll need a computer and a midi interface for it..


Re: manipulate midi files

: Most audio/midi sequencers will 'import' a midi file and split it into it's component tracks.

Thanks for the reply. Do you have a recommendation on a particular piece of software?

Re: manipulate midi files

I use Logic Audio which is now Mac only. I suspect most of the Cubasey apps will still support proper midi import.

If you run a Windows box, then it might be worth trying something cheap and cheerful. Check out the file area here. There are lots of demos, shareware and freeware..

Best of luck


Ad campaign

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Re: Ad campaign

Taken from your own site.......

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wavelab 3.0 manual

has anyone got a copy of the instruction manual for wavelab 3.0 in PDF format, cheerz!

Re: wavelab 4. 0 manual

: Looking for Wavelab pdf or printed manual. Preferrebly 4.0 but will accept 3.0. Thank you

Re: wavelab 3.0 manual

does anyone have manual for wavlab 4.0

Re: wavelab 4.0 manual

Good morning,
has anyone got a copy of the instruction manual available for wavelab 4.0 in PDF format?

Thank you in advance


Re: wavelab 4.0 manual

: Good morning,
: has anyone got a copy of the instruction manual available for wavelab 4.0 in PDF format?

: Thank you in advance

: Angel
: USA-new York City

Re: wavelab 4.0 manual

did u get the manual for wavelab4.0

Re: wavelab 4.0 manual

please tell me too
: did u get the manual for wavelab4.0