Hitsquad News for Musicians

Behringer CMD Micro DJ

Behringer announces the availability of their new full featured portable DJ controller - CMD Micro DJ.

Korg Pa900 Arranger Keyboard

Korg welcomes the Pa900 Arranger Keyboard, a powerful music arrangement tool that features Defined Nuance Control technology.

Ueberschall Acoustic Guitar Library

Ueberschall introduces Acoustic Guitar, their latest instrument series collection featuring 464 acoustic guitar loops.

ART Auto-Tune Pre - Mic Preamp

ART Auto-Tune Pre is a compact microphone tube preamp with built-in Antares Auto-Tune processing.

Pro Tools 11 Update

Pro Tools 11 is now available, the latest update to Avid's popular DAW, featuring an upgraded audio engine.

3PLET - Sell Your Album Online as a Mobile App

3PLET is offering an alternative method of getting your album distributed online, by turning them into mobile apps.

Anakonda KAN200 - Flexible Loudspeaker

K-Array introduces the Anakonda KAN200, a flexible and foldable passive loudspeaker that comes in the shape of a snake.

Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol Z1

Native Instruments introduce a new compact DJ mixer and iOS audio interface - Traktor Kontrol Z1.

Pioneer XDJ-R1

Pioneer introduces the XDJ-R1, an all-in-one DJ system that you can control via your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch.

Concepts and Philosophies - Drum Instruction DVD

"Concepts and Philosophies: A Comprehensive Approach For The Development of Drum Technique" is a new double DVD from Bruce Becker.

Novation Bass Station II

Novation Bass Station II is now available, an upgraded version of their popular analog mono-synth with modernized features.

Sennheiser Special Edition Momentum - David Bowie

Sennheiser joins the "David Bowie Is" exhibit and releases the Special Edition Momentum headphones.

Amadeus UDX Loudspeaker Series

After 20 years of absence, Amadeus Audio brings back the updated version of its UDX passive loudspeakers.

Drop The Beat - Electronic Drum Kit Vest

Drop The Beat is a full featured electronic drum kit in the form of a wearable vest, a cool mobile instrument for drummers.

Focusrite Scarlett 18i8

Focusrite announces the coming of the new Scarlett 18i8 audio interface, featuring four Focusrite preamps and ADAT expansion.

M-Audio Axiom Air 61 Review

The full featured Axiom Air 61 is a powerful DAW and MIDI keyboard controller that comes with impressive auto-mapping capabilities.

Vault Edge Snare Drum

DW teams up with Sabian to produce the limited edition Vault Edge snare drum, featuring cymbal alloy rings and old birch wood.

AKG K712 Pro Studio Headphones

AKG introduces the K712 Pro Studio Reference Headphones, designed for mixing and mastering in the studio.

Arturia Analog Experience The Laboratory Review

The Arturia Analog Experience The Laboratory is a sleek MIDI keyboard Controller that comes with its own impressive sound set.

Reason 7 Update

Propellerhead releases a major update to its popular music production software - Reason 7.

Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 USB Audio Interface

Focusrite is now shipping their multi-channel USB audio interface worldwide, featuring 8 Focusrite mic preamps.

Why Younger Is Better When Learning To Play Music

You see them everywhere these days – on Youtube, on TV, in movies and in local talent competitions and variety shows.

Studiologic SL-990 Pro Review

The Studiologic SL-990 Pro is an intuitive MIDI keyboard controller that is considered as one of the most playable and responsive in the market.

Gospel Piano: Playing By Ear

This is just a quick overview of beginning to learn how to play Gospel piano by ear; and whether it’s Southern or Black Gospel piano, the musical structure of both are basically the same.

New Android Version of FL Studio Mobile

Image Line announces the availability of the new Android version of their popular DAW - FL Studio Mobile.

Akai Pro MPK88 Review

The Akai Pro MPK88 is an 88-key MIDI keyboard controller that features impressive piano-like hammer action keys.

Ideas For How To Make Homemade Musical Instruments

While playing music is definitely a rewarding pass time, making your own instrument can be even more exciting.

Novation Impulse 61 Review

Novation Impulse is a MIDI Keyboard that caters to both performers and producers, featuring responsive keys and quick DAW integration.

Korg LP380 Digital Piano - Musikmesse 2013

Korg introduces the LP380 Digital Piano at Musikmesse 2013, an electronic grand piano with a slim and slick design.

Nord Lead 4 Synthesizer - Musikmesse 2013

Clavia unleashes the new Nord Lead 4 synthesizer at the 2013 Musikmesse Trade Show, with upgraded features and layering possibilities.